Choi Youngjae Shows All His Sides in ‘INSIDE OUT’ Philippine Concert

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Keep on reading for a rundown of the event.

Choi Youngjae Transforms Himself in ‘INSIDE OUT’ Philippine Concert

From the moment the first VCR played, cheers erupted in the concert hall, with Ahgabong’s sea green color filling the room. Youngjae then appears on stage to perform two songs: “Vibin” and “Sugar.”

Following his “Sugar” stage, fans could hear his breathing. If there is one thing for sure, Youngjae’s mic is ON and he is singing live for his fans.

Taking a break from singing, the idol introduces himself with “Mabuhay, ako si Youngjae!” (Hello, I am Youngjae!) Immediately, the concert venue erupts in screams for the idol. The idol commented that 2024 is a special year – this year marks GOT7’s tenth anniversary! He thanked fans for their continued support.

The concept for the concert is in the name: INSIDE OUT. Youngjae explained what this meant: everyone has different version of themselves inside out. Today, he wanted to show fans his two sides, PLAYER Youngjae and ARTIST Youngjae. Though it may appear only the clothes are different, he assured fans he will show them just how different it can be.

He then performed two crowd favorites, “Deal” and “Dreaming Again.” Youngjae then surprised fans with a cover of Bruno Mars’s “When I Was Your Man.”

Following the cover, he revealed he chose the song because of his love from Bruno Mars, as well as the latter’s connection the Philippines. Youngjae shares he saw Bruno Mars’s concert and loved how he performed live, hoping to become an artist like him.

For those who weren’t able to see the cover, don’t fret! Youngjae promised to upload the cover online soon.

He then performed the song “Thinking of You,” which he claimed is a song he worked on at dawn and finished right away. Youngjae stated he loved the emotions of the song. After, he performed “Focus,” “Tasty,” and “Do It.”

Following a short VCR, Youngjae performed “Lonely.” He stated the song contains his story, and was slightly disappointed that he couldn’t perform at his best because his in-ear had stopped working. Despite that, fans cheered him on and assured him he did great.

After, he performed “Problem.” This was followed by “Roses” and “Moonlight.”

Taking a break once more, Youngjae used this time to gush over his love for fans. He loved how the fans sang along to all the songs and joked that Ahgases could become singers as well. He then hinted at an upcoming comeback, stating he has been working on some new songs and fans can expect new songs very, very soon!

As we reached the end of the concert, Youngjae performed the song “Snooze.” He joked that the song contains the story of all his mornings, as he is the type to set up so many alarms but then snooze them all. Fans joked that they do the same, with one even showing Youngjae her alarms list! Seeing her list caught him off-guard, and he exclaimed, “Wow, so many!”

He then performed “Crema” and “Flower.”

Choi Youngjae Treats Fans With GOT7 Classics in Encore

Did we say it was the end? Well, Youngjae had more planned!

The idol returned to the stage to perform “Never Leave You Alone.” Youngjae stated this was a song that was made for Ahgases.

After the song, Youngjae confessed his love for Filipino fans. He stated that he received such a warm welcome despite it being a while since he performed in the country. When he said he had to go back to Korea that night, the fans objected with “Walang uuwi!” (No one is going home!) In response, Youngjae stated he did not want to go home too!

He then thanked fans for their projects. Filipino Ahgases had sent candies to Youngjae, and prepared an adorable banner with the face of his dog, Coco. He gushed over how adorable it is, and confessed he even took a photo of it. He then proceeded to take a photo with fans.

After, a video made by Ahgases played. Throughout, Youngjae repeated how touched he was, saying that everything Filipino fans did was well-made. He accepted several gifts from fans throughout his encore, such as flowers, posters, and even a Pikachu plushie.

To everyone’s surprise, he performed some GOT7 classics for long-time Ahgases! He first performed a medley of “Hard Carry,” “Lullaby,” and “Nanana.” After, he performed “Breathe.”

Youngjae then decided to greet fans face-to-face, leaving the stage to walk by the aisles as he performed “Girls Girls Girls.” After, he returned to the stage to perform “Err Day” and “Beautiful.”

Fans would not send Youngjae home! Seeing how passionate the fans are, Youngjae performed three songs he already did earlier: “Do It,” “Deal,” and “Dreaming Again.”

Following the memorable concert, he thanked the fans and says he loved being on stage. He promised to show a better version of themselves. After, he ended with a sweet message for Filipino Ahgases:

“Mahal ko kayo, Filipino Ahgase!”

Hope to see you again, Youngjae!