cignature to Promote as 6 Members for THIS Reason — See Official Statement Here!

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C9 Entertainment has announced that cignature would continue to promote as a six-membered group after one of its members successfully joined a new venture.

Here are the details.

Belle Confirmed to Debut in Project Girl Group UNIS, cignature Proceeds as Six Members

On January 18, C9 Entertainment released an official statement regarding cignature’s future as a group. In the statement, the agency specifically mentioned member Belle, who participated and won a spot in the girl group survival show “Universe Ticket.”

cignature breaks a hiatus of 1 year and 2 months and makes a comeback with 'AURORA'
(Photo : Cignature Twitter)

The program ended earlier on January 17, when its final episode revealed the eight finalists, who made the project girl group UNIS.

Belle, who goes by the name Jin Hyeonju, is confirmed to continue her activities with UNIS, thus, verifying her absence in cignature’s promotions.

Who Is UNIS? Meet 8 Members of New Girl Group Selected Through 'Universe Ticket'
(Photo : Hyeonju (Ajunews))

C9 Entertainment then stated that cignature would now proceed as a six-membered group due to Belle’s inclusion in UNIS. The agency added that cignature is currently preparing for their new album and expressed its gratitude to fans who support the group and Belle.

Read C9’s official statement below:

“Hello. This is C9 Entertainment.

On the 17th of January (Friday), cignature member Belle, also known as Jin Hyeonju, debuted as the final member of the project girl group UNIS through SBS’s survival show ‘UNIVERSE TICKET.’ Belle (Jin Hyeonju) will be active as a member of UNIS for the next two years and six months.

We sincerely thank all the fans who supported Belle (Jin Hyeonju) throughout the broadcast period.

cignature has been reorganized into six members, with Belle’s broadcast appearance. The group has released their fourth mini album in August 2023, which achieved their best performance since debut while diversifying the members’ solo endeavors.

The member are also currently preparing for their next album and will come back soon with new music.

Once again, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to fans who love cignature and Belle (Jin Hyeonju). We assure you that the agency will give its best efforts to provide the best for both cignature and Belle (Jin Hyeonju) to greet everyone with various activities in the future.

Please continue to give your love and anticipation for cignature and Belle (Jin Hyeonju).

Thank you.”


cignature breaks a hiatus of 1 year and 2 months and makes a comeback with 'AURORA'
(Photo : Cignature Twitter)

Prior to her debut with cignature on February 4, 2020, Belle was formerly known as Lucky in C9 Entertainment’s ten-member girl group GOOD DAY. The group debuted on August 30, 2018, with their first and only mini album “All Day Good Day” and its title track “Rolly.”

However, Belle (Lucky / Jin Hyeonju), alongside bandmates Chaesol, Jiwon, Haeun, and Viva re-debuted as members of cignature. GOOD DAY disbanded on November 11, 2019.

Are you looking forward to cignature’s new album? Are you excited for Belle’s debut in UNIS? Let us know in the comments below!

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