Cinderella At 2 AM: Moon Sang-Min and Shin Hyun-bin Shine with Adorable Chemistry in New Stills

Coupang Play has just released the first stills from their eagerly awaited drama, Cinderella at 2 AM (새벽 두 시의 신데렐라), heightening fans’ excitement and confirming its release date. Directed by Seo Min-jung and penned by Oh Eun-ji, this romantic comedy is an adaptation of the popular webtoon by Algome. The drama features a stellar cast including Shin Hyun-been as Ha Yoon-seo, Moon Sang-min as Seo Joo-won, Yoon Park as Seo Si-won, Park So-jin as Lee Mi-jin, and Hong Bi-ra.

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Cinderella at 2 AM explores the complexities of modern relationships through a captivating blend of romance and comedy. The narrative follows Ha Yoon-seo, a diligent and compassionate manager at a credit card company. Her life takes an unexpected turn when Seo Joo-won, a charming and kind-hearted chaebol heir, joins her team undercover as a new employee. Yoon-seo initially agrees to break up with Joo-won in exchange for money, but he is determined to change her mind and win her heart.

The newly unveiled stills showcase the delightful chemistry between Moon Sang-min and Shin Hyun-been. In one image, the pair enjoys a coffee date, a gift placed between them hinting at a sweet moment. Another picture captures the couple in a warm embrace, highlighting the tender connection between their characters. These glimpses promise a heartwarming and playful dynamic that will engage viewers.

Check Out the Cinderella At 2 AM Stills

Scheduled to premiere later this August, this drama is already generating significant buzz. The drama promises a fresh take on romance, bolstered by its talented cast. Hyun-been, acclaimed for her roles in Hospital Playlist, Tell Me That You Love Me, and Reborn Rich, continues to impress with her versatility. Sang-min, known for his performances in Wedding Impossible, Under The Queen’s Umbrella, and My Name, brings his charm and talent to the role of Seo Joo-won.

Fans are eagerly awaiting the premiere of this drama, looking forward to a modern fairy tale that blends realistic relationship dynamics with endearing romance. With its engaging storyline and captivating characters, the drama is poised to offer a delightful escape. Mark your calendars for the August premiere and get ready to be enchanted by the love story of Ha Yoon-seo and Seo Joo-won.

Cinderella at 2 AM Release Date

Cinderella at 2 AM kdrama is set to premiere on August 24, 2024. The series will consist of 10 episodes, with new episodes airing every Saturday and Sunday on Coupang Play.

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