Cold Blooded Intern Korean Drama Review (2023)

Review: Cold Blooded Intern

Network: TVING tvN

Episode: 12

Genre: Comedy, Office Politics, Drama, Life

Aired: Aug 11, 2023 – Sep 15, 2023

Aired Day: Friday

Grade: B+

Cold Blooded Intern Korean Drama is about work life struggle of a woman. How they have been treated at work place, handling job and child together, plus managing work-life balance.

Main Characters:

Ra Mi Ran as Go Hae Ra

Ra Mi Ran as Go Hae Ra

She worked as a manager but after an incident, she left her job and started a new life as a housewife. Now after 7 seven, she wants to start working again.

Uhm Ji Won as Choi Ji Won

Uhm Ji Won as Choi Ji Won

She is a format junior of Go Hae Ra and now working as an AM at Market House.

Highlights of Cold Blooded Intern Korean Drama

Job Search:

Cold Blooded Intern Korean Drama Review (2023)

40 years old Go Hae Ra decided to give a chance to herself and she started searching for a job. After facing rejection from lots of companies she got an offer from Choi Ji Won to work as an intern at Market House. Initially, she rejected the offer but her desperation led her to do that job.

Ulterior Motive:

Cold Blooded Intern Korean Drama Review (2023)

Choi Ji Won hired her and asked to to make two employees leave the job because one of them is taking childcare leave and another one is going on maternity leave and in return she will make her manager. Go Hae Ra accepts the offer because her husband lost his job and she is the only bread earner.

Almost Succeeded:

Cold Blooded Intern Korean Drama Review (2023)

In her previous job, Go Hae Ra was known as cold-hearted and career oriented person but now she is kind-hearted and trying hard to understand new concepts and technology. She convinced one of the two employees to leave the organisation and soon she realized her mistake and stopped another one from taking daycare leave.


Cold Blooded Intern Korean Drama Review (2023)

She confessed to her colleagues that she was on a mission to make her leave the organisation and after confession, she turned down her resignation. But soon a video of her went viral where she was saving a woman who fainted in the road. For company reputation, they want her back in the company.

Big Dicission:

Cold Blooded Intern Korean Drama Review (2023)

Choi Ji Won is doing all the dirty work of his superior because she can do anything to get promoted to director. But secretly she is also collecting prove against him. So she and Go Hae Ra together disclosed the true identity of the superior and than turned down the resignation.

New Path:

Korean Dramas review

Go Hae Ra joined the market house again and did a great job meanwhile, Choi Ji Won opened her small firm. It has been hard for her because when she left Market House she was pregnant and also had cancer. Now she is fully recovered and has to give up on her child.


Cold Blooded Intern Korean Drama Review (2023)

I like the bond between Go Hae Ra and her husband when he left his job she encouraged him to find his passion and work on it. Go Hae Ra’s daughter is very cheerful and wants to be a tattoo artist her mother was against it but her father supported her.

Overall Thoughts on Cold Blooded Intern Korean Drama

I like the drama it is good for a one-time watch. You will love the bonding between your colleagues and if in case you are an office-going person than you will the politics going on inside the organization.

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