Colleague actors are leaving Uzu Rocks amidst its scandal of not paying Song Ji Hyo

Celebrities from Uzu Rocks, who are being sued by Song Ji Hyo over unpaid settlements, left the company one after another

Following Ji Seok Jin, Oh Man Seok, Bbaekga, and Lee Hyun Woo also terminated their contracts

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According to OSEN’s report on the afternoon of September 19th, Oh Man Seok, Bbaekga, and Lee Hyun Woo have recently left Uzu Rocks and are each looking for a new agency.  

According to the Fair Trade Commission, if the agency undermines the actor’s image or is virtually inoperable, the contract can be terminated regardless of the remaining contract period. 


Earlier, entertainment agency Uzu Rocks caused controversy by not paying 900 million won in settlement, including actress Song Ji-hyo’s performance fee, and overdue wages for employees. On top of that, electricity and water bills at its Sinsa-dong office have recently been delayed, and all of them have been cut off. The cleaning company also did not receive wages for five months, causing it to block the parking area’s entrance. Fortunately, the cleaning company’s car is out now, and the unpaid electricity bill was determined to be between 3 million and 4 million won. The president of Uzu Rocks promised to settle all unpaid settlements and overdue wages, but this promise was not kept. 

Song Jihyo Woojurox Oh Manseok Baekga

Meanwhile, on September 14th, the law firm that served as Song Ji-hyo’s legal representative, told OSEN, “It is not true at all that Song Ji Hyo’s former agency, Uzu Rocks, has been cleared of charges,” adding, “Song Ji Hyo has never sued the former CEO of Uzu Rocks for fraud in the first place. Song Ji-hyo sued the former CEO of Uzu Rocks for embezzlement, and the investigation is still ongoing.”

Source: daum