Comedian Park Myung-soo’s Interactions with aespa Winter Draws Criticism: ‘He’s Creepy’

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The latest teaser for an upcoming program featuring veteran comedian Park Myung-soo and aespa’s Winter has ignited a storm of controversy online.

Released on YouTube, the preview showcases Park Myung-soo donning the persona of idol-actor Cha Eunwoo, engaging in playful interactions with Winter.

In the video snippet, Park Myung-soo adopts the guise of Cha Eunwoo, engaging Winter in light-hearted banter.

However, it’s the final segment of the teaser that has sparked intense debate.

Winter questions Park Myung-soo on whether being handsome is everything, leading to a close moment where they lean their heads together, with a caption teasing “Eunsoo and Min-jeong’s Secret Story,” referencing the combination of Park Myung-soo and Cha Eunwoo’s names, and Winter’s real name, Min-jeong.

The age disparity of 30 years between Winter and Park Myung-soo has raised eyebrows, particularly in light of the teaser’s suggestive undertones.

Previous comments made by Park Myung-soo about Winter have only added fuel to the fire.

He has previously lauded Winter as the most beautiful idol, even going as far as describing her appearance as “inhuman.”

The comedian once admitted to a dispute with his wife over his admiration for Winter’s beauty.

These revelations have led many fans to express discomfort and criticism regarding the teaser’s implications.


you better pay winter good for this 

It’s just funny that Park Myung-soo brought up a junior colleague who complimented his appearance a few times as a sign of respect and then called him a pedophile and disgusting. 

What kind of bullshit are foreigners talking about?? 

What does this mean? Why winter? Did you choose winter among them? My baby:< – I don’t hate it, but I hope it doesn’t contain any other content… 

Why does it look so weird lol? 

winter i will free you 

Why does Winter, an idol WHO SINGS, with many many fans, should be subjected to this fetishistic show? I dont care who this guy is and what he does for a living, this IS a fetish and its crazy to me how you support this when Winter should just go and promote her singing abilities? Or do something ACTUALLY fun. She likes acting, maybe give her what Karina got. 

Accusations have surfaced online, alleging that Park Myung-soo is leveraging the program to fulfill his fantasies involving Winter.

Social media platforms have been flooded with comments labeling Park Myung-soo as “weird” and “creepy,” reflecting the unease among Winter’s fanbase.

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 As anticipation mounts for the program’s release, the controversy surrounding Park Myung-soo and Winter’s interactions continues to intensify, raising questions about appropriate boundaries in entertainment and the responsibility of public figures.