Comments about Jung Joonyoung’s ‘Golden Phone’ are gradually increasing on Zico’s Instagram


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“Your friend’s golden phone made it to BBC News. Are you scared?”

“You said on a TV Show that you saw the golden phoneㅋㅋㅋ”

“Jung Joonyoung immediately destroyed that golden phone, didn’t he?”

“Jung Joonyoung said on Radio Star when you visited his house, you lay on his bed and looked at the ‘golden phone’ as if it was yours”

“It’s really disgusting. Let’s not forget Burning Sun”

“Get a life”

“Let’s never forget Burning Sun”

“I just watched BBC’s Burning Sun Documentary”

“Golden Phone”

What did you see on Jung Joonyoung’s golden phone? Please tell usㅎㅎㅎ’

“Golden phone”

Zico appeared on the MBC ‘Radio Star’ with Jung Joon-young on 27 January 2016. 

At the time, Zico mentioned, “Jung Joonyoung has a ‘golden phone.’ It’s not a phone that he actually uses, but a phone used only for Kakao Talk during emergencies,” adding, “Many people’s contacts are saved on it like a ‘Pokémon Pokédex’.” 

Then, Zico asked Jung Joonyoung, “You don’t have that anymore, right?” To which Jung Joonyoung replied, “I do. (Zico) came to our house and suddenly asked, ‘Hyung, where’s the golden phone?’ and searched for it. He lay on my bed and looked through it as if it was his own phone,” explaining, “(Zico) would say, ‘Today, I’ll check out the ‘G’s,’ as if examining it.” 

Although there was no precise explanation as to why Zico referred to Jung Joon-young’s ‘KakaoTalk-only phone’ as the ‘golden phone,’ it was depicted on the broadcast as a ‘golden contact directory’ containing contacts of Jung Joon-young’s acquaintances.

Zico has mentioned Jung Joonyoung’s golden phone on a TV Show before. Now, as BBC recently released a documentary about Burning Sun, Zico is being mentioned again.

-Honestly, who looks through somebody else’s contacts like that?🤮

-So why is he still actively promoting?

-Disgusting ☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️


-It’s ridiculous that he had openly talked about that on a TV Show…

-Even if he wasn’t a member of the chat room, still…

-Despite his tarnished reputation all this time, it’s surprising to see him continue to actively promote in the industry…

-Zico has been controversial since his debut, it’s surprising that he’s still around.

-He’s really good at dodging trouble.

-I lost all feelings for him since then. I don’t even want to listen to his songs. 

-He managed to slip under the radar. 

-Since he personally saw it at Jung Joonyoung’s house, there’s no record of it.

-I really dislike him, why is he still actively promoting as if nothing happened?

-He’s the only one who got away with this and stays active in the industry.

-But you guys are still listening to his songs, huh?

-It’s disgusting, how can he show his face and still actively promoting in the industry?? Seriously.

-It’s surprising how he managed to stay active in the industry all this time.

-How could he even think of mentioning that on a TV Show knowing all this?