CONFIRMED! Pyo Ye Jin Pairs Up With Lee Jun Young in ‘I Openly Dream of Cinderella’

After being offered to headline “I Openly Dream of Becoming Cinderella,” Lee Jun Young and Pyo Ye Jin are to officially star in the upcoming rom-com K-drama!

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Pyo Ye Jin Stars as Cinderella-Wannabe, Lee Jun Young Transforms Into 3rd-Generation Chaebol

According to a report, TVING confirmed the casting of the duo as the lead stars of the network’s original series. 

Helmed by “Comedy Big League” and “SNL Korea” director Kim Min Kyung and penned by Baek Mi Kyung of “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” and “Mine,” the upcoming K-drama is a hybrid rom-com series that depicts the story of a woman who wishes the life of Cinderella.

Like in the fairytale, the woman, Shin Jae Rim (Pyo Ye Jin) wants to escape living a difficult life. She works as a social club manager, but amid this, she is in search of her knight in shining armor.

Pyo Ye Jin

(Photo : Pyo Ye Jin Instagram)
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Lee Jun Young

(Photo : Lee Jun Young Instagram)

Meanwhile, Moon Cha Min (Lee Jun Young) doesn’t believe in love. He comes from a chaebol family and is the head of the social club that Jae Rim works for.

Viewers will get to see the exciting scenes as the duo draws turbulent romance.

Pyo Ye Jin is best known for her kickass role in “Taxi Driver” as well as her other K-dramas, “V.I.P.” and “Our Blooming Youth,” and a supporting role in “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim.”

As for Lee Jun Young, the idol-singer captivated fans with his roles in “Class of Lies,” “Imitation,” “D.P.,” and his first movie, “Love and Leashes.”

Will Pyo Ye Jin return in ‘Taxi Driver 3’?

Following the successful finale of “Taxi Driver,” SBS confirmed that the beloved action crime series will return with season 3.

Back in April, producers of the hit series announced that “Taxi Driver 3” was already planned and considered starting the “discussions with the actors, writer, and director from now on.”

'Taxi Driver' Releases a Sneak Peek of Pyo Ye Jin's Interesting Character

(Photo : SBS official Instagram)
‘Taxi Driver’ Releases a Sneak Peek of Pyo Ye Jin’s Interesting Character

Although the third season is now in the works, the cast lineup, including actors reprising their roles, is yet to be confirmed.

Viewers are hopeful that the original cast members, like Lee Je Hoon, Pyo Ye Jin, and more, will sustain their characters in “Taxi Driver 3.”

Meanwhile, besides her upcoming K-drama with Lee Jun Young, the actress will be starring in the soon-to-be released webtoon-based series “The Moon that Rises in the Day.”

Pyo Ye Jin, who is set to portray a dual role, will be working alongside Kim Young Dae for the upcoming historical K-drama.

The 14-episode series will officially premiere on October 14, airing every Wednesday and Thursday through ENA and Netflix.