Conflict with SM” CBX Responds to Rumors of EXO Comeback Cancellation: “We Will Diligently Participate in Full-Group Activities

On the morning of June 11th, INB100 released a statement emphasizing that the press conference held on June 10th was intended to highlight the unfairness of paying 10% of the individual artists’ earnings to SM, which violated the contract first. They clarified that this issue was not related to the continuation of EXO’s full-group activities.

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The statement read, “The press conference was held to address the unfair demand by SM for 10% of CBX’s individual earnings, despite not honoring the verbally agreed 5.5% distribution fee for digital sales. This has no connection to the continuation of EXO’s full-group activities. We assure fans that CBX will continue to diligently participate in EXO’s activities with SM.”

INB100 previously asserted that SM had breached the verbal agreement regarding a 5.5% distribution fee while demanding 10% of the total earnings from CBX’s individual activities.

SM, on the other hand, stated, “The essence of this issue is the improper enticement (tampering) of our artists by MC Mong and Cha Ga-won.”

This dispute led to reports suggesting the potential discontinuation of EXO’s full-group activities. EXO has not engaged in any group activities since the release of their 7th full-length album “EXIST” in July last year.