‘Connection’ Episode 2: Ji Sung, Jeon Mi Do Inherit $3 Million Insurance Money from Deceased Friend

“Connection” Episode 2 delivered a surprising twist as Ji Sung and Jeon Mi Do got caught up in an unexpected case.

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In the new crime-thriller K-drama, South Korean top star Ji Sung transforms into a respected detective, Jang Jae Kyung, who finds himself in a tricky situation as his abductors make him a druggie. In hopes of finding light on his unfortunate incident, he reunites with his high school classmate, Oh Yoon Jin (Jeon Mi Do).

In “Connection,” the actress takes on the role of a reporter who accepts bribes from people. Amid Jae Hyuk’s journey to find the culprit behind his situation, he is also learning a lot from Oh Yoon Jin’s past.

‘Connection’ Episode 2 Rating: Ji Sung’s New Crime Drama Garners Significant Increase in Viewership

After an impressive start, Ji Sung and Jeon Mi Do’s new drama “Connection” Episode 2 experienced a significant increase.

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In a report by Nielsen Korea, the second episode recorded an average nationwide rating of 6.1 percent.

Not only did it become one of the most-watched Friday-Saturday miniseries, but it was also an impressive boost in ratings from the Episode 1, which achieved 5.7% nationwide viewership.

‘Connection’ Episode 2: Jang Jae Kyung Uncovers Park Joon Seo’s Mysterious Death

With Episode 1 leaving viewers with the unexpected death of Park Joon Seo, Jang Jae Hyuk then tried to solve the mystery behind his death in “Connection” Episode 2.

Due to the details about his friend’s death, the chief detective became suspicious and thought that him being forced to be a drug addict intertwined with each other.

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During the process of uncovering the truth, Jang Jae Kyung met Oh Yoon Jin at the funeral and confronted her about the last time she talked to Joon Seo.

Yoon Jin mentioned that she wasn’t able to contact him, but the truth was she saw him personally after they accidentally met in their neighborhood.

However, Yoon Jin hid this detail from Jang Jae Hyuk.

Meanwhile, Jang Jae Hyuk tried to get away from the police’s suspicion after he went on a rampage at the emergency room.

The detective didn’t want his colleagues to know what happened to him until he has solved the case. Unfortunately, the doctor had warned his fellow detective that Jae Kyung “looked like he was addicted to drugs.”

This prompted the police officer to suspect Jang Jae Hyuk of using illegal drugs. As he was about to leave the hospital, his colleague, Kim Chang Soo, warned him to “take it easy” on whatever he was taking and he would notify the station that he was going home because he was sick.

At this point, he was desperate to find answers about him and Park Joon Seo’s incident and who was behind it.

In the end, after the commotion, Jang Jae Hyuk wanted to conduct an autopsy on his friend’s body.

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However, after he talked to Two Star Holdings CEO Heo Joo Song, he was told that Joon Seo bought 3 insurance policies from them.

What took him by surprise was that he and Oh Yoon Jin were the beneficiaries of it.

Does this mean they are connected to Park Joon Seo’s death?