Controversy Arises as Fan Wears Jennie Shirt and Holds BLACKPINK Banner at TWICE Concert

A recent incident at TWICE’s concert in France has ignited controversy

A male fan dressed in a Jennie T-shirt, waving a huge BLACKPINK banner and walking around the venue where TWICE’s concert was held, has drawn criticism.

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The photos of this fan quickly spread across social media. A viral video of the incident garnered over 3.3 million views, making it a hot topic among netizens.

The fan’s T-shirt, featuring the distinctive black and pink colors associated with BLACKPINK, and the boldly displayed BLACKPINK banner, led many believe they are a BLINK.

The incident, reminiscent of fans bringing another group’s lightstick to one artist’s concert, faced strong opposition from Kpop fans. They argued that the fan’s actions lacked respect and seemed to be aimed at provoking a fan war between BLACKPINK and TWICE’s fans, especially when considering the rivalry between two groups as they are both the top female acts of Kpop 3rd gen.


While this incident has fueled disagreements among TWICE fans, some believe it’s best to ignore such provocations and not feed into the controversy.

Source: K14.