Controversy over the visual members of the 4th generation girl groups

Visual members of 4th generation girl groups

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NewJeans – Minji
ILLIT – Minju
IVE – Jang Wonyoung
Aespa – Karina
ITZY – Yuna
NMIXX – Sullyoon
(G)I-DLE – Miyeon
Baby Monster – Rora

This is objective, not my taste

[+63, -25]

1. [+68, -13] Doesn’t LE SSERAFIM have no visual members?

2. [+49, -8] Looking at this, you can see that LE SSERAFIM has no visual members

3. [+47, -7] In LE SSERAFIM, Kim Garam was the main visual. The company also pushed the group in that direction. Even when they just debuted, despite being involved in the school violence controversy, Kim Garam was still behind Kim Chaewon and Sakura. Kim Chaewon > Sakura > Kim Garam, Kazuha > Hong Eunchae, Huh Yunjin. Everything changed after Kim Garam left the group, but it’s true that Kim Garam is the main visual

4. [+29, -3] That’s exactly what I thought, except LE SSERAFIM

5. [+10, -9] For LE SSERAFIM it’s Kim Garam

6. [+10, -5] NewJeans Haerin

7. [+7, -5] Baby Monster is Ahyeon, right?

8. [+5, -2] Is it NewJeans Haerin?

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