Could Lisa become daughter-in-law to the richest family in the world?

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Article: “Father-in-law is richer than Musk” Black Pink’s Lisa, will she become of the wealthiest daughter-in-laws in the world?

Source: Herald Economy via Naver

[+3,071, -29] Technically, she has nothing to do with our country at all… it’s like hearing news about a Thai woman who happens to work in Korea is getting married

[+663, -180] He couldn’t date her if he saw her pre-surgery photos ㅎㅎ

[+334, -58] I doubt they’d even last a few years ㅋㅋㅋ he’s probably just curious

[+316, -47] She’s such a kind idol who has called our country her own and I wish nothing but the best for her but I do feel a bit concerned that she’s getting embroiled with such a wealthy family… She’s made enough riches, I hope she finds someone who is her true love

– [+59, -3] You are in no position to be “concerned” about her ㅋㅋ

[+74, -17] Would Lisa be anything more than a woman from SEA if she never became a Black Pink member…

[+55, -2] The richest man in the world from the sale of products that do absolutely nothing for the advancement of the people of the world or our health ㅡㅡ

[+52, -1] He’s probably just fooling around with her before getting married to a more reserved and smart woman. It’s a typical story. Just give it a year.

[+52, -3] If you go on any Thai site, all of them are talking as if Lisa had to suffer because of Korea, as if Lisa suffered losses because of Korea… Seriously, go run some Thai sites through a translator because all of their netizens are saying that crap. 

[+55, -10] What good could come out of a relationship based off of wealth? Even if she gets married to this guy, Thailand will think of her as their pride and joy… they won’t be grateful to us, which is why we should please stop training foreign idols

[+44, -8] A prestigious and wealthy family taking Lisa as a daughter-in-law? ㅋㅋ Nah… She’s probably just for dating.

[+28, -1] They’re not married, they’re not even engaged… why is the media already calling him her father-in-law? 

[+27, -2] I have to admit that she does stand out when you see her in real life. NOt only her looks but her extremely bright and positive energy. Her face is just so smiley.

[+17, -1] So a foreigner’s getting married to a foreigner, why are all of you so mad? Sure, Lisa may have made a life for herself off of our country, but Korea’s just a country that she happened to work in, nothing more