Court rules in Nayeon’s favor in debt payback case to mother’s ex-boyfriend

 Article: Twice’s Nayeon wins lawsuit over 600 million in owed debt… court rules, “Lack of evidence to prove that she promised to pay it back when she debuted”

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Source: Herald Economy via Naver

From 2004 to 2016, man ‘A’ claims he had deposited 535,907,275 won to Nayeon’s mother and Nayeon, and from 2009 to 2015, Nayeon’s mother and Nayeon had spent 115,612,093 on credit cards under his name. He said that Nayeon’s mother had asked him for the money to make ends meet and promised to pay it all back once Nayeon debuted, which was broken. 


[+713, -9] Okay, but you two still benefitted from his money, so please pay him back……

[+342, -3] So her mother took her boyfriend for all he’s worth

[+297, -14] I’m actually astonished that the judge thinks anyone would just give 600 million won out of good faith

[+255, -4] It’s not like he’s asking for more money than he gave, he’s simply asking for what he gave them back. It’s sad that people find it so easy to take money from others and not pay it back.

[+185, -2] This is why you should never mix finances with someone you’re not married to. I feel like the man was taken for a ride ㅠㅠ

[+107, -0] So Nayeon’s mother is a gold digger?? She funded her daughter’s debut off the back of an idiot?? ㅋㅋㅋ

[+75, -0] So while other trainees were working various jobs to fund their own debuts, Nayeon got here off the back of someone else’s hard earned money… the least she can do is pay back the principal, no? If they refuse to pay any of it back, what makes her mother any different from the gold digger escorts at bars? Maybe we’d think differently if Nayeon’s debut wasn’t successful but stuff like this should be paid back. I thought JYP cared about character? ㅋ 

[+71, -1] So Nayeon’s mother basically got 50 million won a year for free for 12 years… and that’s the kind of money that would’ve probably made Nayeon’s debut difficult if they didn’t have anything else. He was basically her father at this point, no? Especially with the level of financial support he provided for her…

[+63, -0] You’re successful enough, pay it back. 600 million won is no small amount of cash. He provided you with enough support and it’s time that you pay it back and be a decent person about it.

[+60, -0] Sure, he may not have been able to prove that there was a promise for her to pay it all back, but there are bank records of credit card statements and deposits into their account, why would anyone expect someone to just give you this kind of money for free?? Either way, this needs to be paid back, especially if that 600 million won is what’s allowing you to live lavishly today. I’m sure 600 million won is nothing to her these days ㅋ

[+47, -1] For 12 years? Wouldn’t that make them basically commonlaw married? And she spent over 100 million won on his credit card with her mother ㅠㅠ The man’s a longterm fool… I’m sure he wouldn’t have taken this to the media if they tried to pay at least half of it back.

[+42, -1] If they’re exes now, yes, that money should be paid back… This isn’t just a few cents we’re talking about, it’s 600 million won

[+39, -0] If your mother’s boyfriend financially supported you up to your debut, you need to pay him back

[+33, -0] There’s no money that’s free in this world. Pay it back.

[+27, -0] If you were going through financial struggles and he helped you out, you need to pay it back once you’re financially successful yourself, tsk tsk. Just look at these two, like mother like daughter.

[+22, -0] That’s scary, the fact that they had no problem spending over 100 million won on another person’s credit card…

[+18, -1] If all of the above is true, the mother’s a gold digger