“Crash” Episodes 3 and 4 Tackles Cryptic Accident-Prone Junction and Neighborhood Hit-and-Run Cases

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Team TCI is shaping up to be a strong team with Yeon-ho joining them in the 2nd week of Crash.

This week, the team continues to catch bad people causing road accidents. Their hit-and-run case also appears to be a bigger concern.

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Episode Recaps: 03 & 04


Crash Episodes 3 and 4 Highlights

TCI takes on a peculiar case involving a junction notorious for causing car accidents, with drivers reporting sightings of a ghostly white lady.

To uncover the truth, So-hee pretends to get caught in the tricky junction to encounter those responsible for the accidents.

It turns out that a towing service is colluding with a used car company to scam vehicle owners by creating hazardous road conditions.

Yeon-ho discovers that the culprits use sodium chloride to keep the road wet, making it difficult for drivers to navigate safely.

A peek at So-hee’s life growing up and joining her father while driving his taxi was also revealed.

Yeon-ho also receives a news printout of an accident that caused the life of a newly married couple.

In a flashback, it was revealed how Yeon-ho was involved in that accident.

After wrapping up Kanghee Junction case, TCI team gets a new assignment involving a woman who jumped from a car to avoid sexual harassment.

Min-ju (Lee Na Eun) is a breadwinner in her family. To escape the advances of Jae-young (Heo Ji Won), the Chairman’s son, she chose to jump off the road.

Knowing the odds are not in her favor, she refuses to cooperate with So-hee and Yeon-ho. But the recording of her conversation was listened to by her mother.

Jae-young actually knows Yeon-ho and shares with his friend Jung-wook (Kang Ki Doong) about his discovery that the KAIST student became a police officer.

Meanwhile, a hit-and-run case was also reported where a neighborhood drunkard died.

So-hee and Yeon-ho investigate the area, while Dong-ki and Hyun-kyung reveal that the drunkard was hit by two cars.

This leads them to examine vehicles in the neighborhood and a suspicious man who had a verbal altercation with the drunkard the night before his death.

Crash Episodes 3 and 4 Musings

Accelerating smoothly, the narrative of Crash is so far fascinating even with its flowing narrative opposing signature episodic structure of Korean series. It’s easy to root for Team TCI as they explore and solve crime cases that link to other crime cases.

More so, the practical information and realistic messages presented in the stories emphasize harsh situations that do not protect the powerless and the poor.

Distinctly sketched, the main characters blend well with the engrossing narrative giving a somewhat different feel to a typical Korean series. Even though politics, power harassment and corruption are present in the incorporated elements.

As Yeon-ho’s back story unfurls, we can look forward to the cryptic incident surrounding the trauma he has been carrying. We can also look forward to more of So-hee’s tenacity and Team Leader Jung’s quest to prove his worth.

Drift to gravitating crime-busting adventure with Team TCI in Crash! International fans can watch it on Disney+!

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