CRAVITY Hyeongjun Gets Candid About Group Song Production — ‘I tend to give honest feedback if…’

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In a recent appearance on SBS PowerFM’s “Choi Hwa-jung’s Power Time” on March 5th, Hyeongjun of CRAVITY delved into the dynamics of the group’s song productions are shedding light on the candid feedback shared among members.

Honest Feedback Policy: “Give Honest Feedback If It’s Not Good”

As the radio show welcomed CRAVITY members Wonjin, Seongmin, and Hyeongjun, the conversation swiftly turned to the group’s latest endeavors.

(Photo : Daum)

A curious listener inquired,

“Serim and Allen participated in writing the lyrics of the title song. Did CRAVITY members compliment them a lot?”

Hyeongjun’s response offered a glimpse into the group’s creative process, stating,

“While monitoring the song production, they wrote the lyrics. They showed me and I told them that they did very well. I tend to give honest feedback if it’s not good.”

Concert Preparations: More Than Just Music

Amidst discussions of the upcoming fan concert slated for April, DJ Choi Hwa-jung playfully teased the group, asking,

“Don’t you guys need to build some abs?”

Seongmin’s response hinted at the group’s focus on the concert’s atmosphere, as he remarked,

“I think showing abs doesn’t suit the mood of the concert.”

Wonjin chimed in, adding,

“We’re preparing not only the songs but also special performances,” effectively elevating fans’ anticipation for the event.

In recent news, Hyeongjun from CRAVITY showcases his vocal prowess in a cover of George’s “I Like You”. In the cover video, he exudes warmth and charm against bright backgrounds, using a white teddy bear as a symbol of affection. The song explores themes of longing and confession, with Hyeongjun delivering emotive vocals in Korean.

CRAVITY Hyeongjun
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CRAVITY Hyeongjun

CRAVITY, recognized as a “Super Rookie” group since their debut in April 2020, continues to impress fans with their talent and charisma, winning various awards and engaging with their fandom, LUVITY, through diverse content like vlogs and cover series.