Crazy Horse Exploits Lisa’s Fame to Promote Striptease Dancers

Recently, on its personal page, the nightclub Crazy Horse posted a clip introducing its lineup of striptease dancers with the message “Starting a new week.” Notably, the music used as the background for the clip is “ROCKSTAR,” the latest music product by Lisa (BLACKPINK).

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Crazy Horse is a famous high-end nightclub in France known for performances by topless dancers. Lisa also had five controversial performances there, so the use of the youngest BLACKPINK member’s new song to “promote” the striptease dancers has caused outrage among the online community.

The clip of Crazy Horse using “ROCKSTAR” as the background music for the video introducing the striptease dancers
crazy horse
The lineup of striptease dancers in the clip using “ROCKSTAR” as background music

On international social media, fans criticized Crazy Horse for “leveraging” Lisa to advertise the clip containing relatively sensitive images. Notably, Lisa previously faced “storms” for performing there, being asked to leave BLACKPINK, suspected of being blacklisted in China, and receiving much criticism from Asian fans. Therefore, using Lisa’s newly released song for the clip introducing striptease dancers is akin to rekindling a highly forgettable controversy for the youngest BLACKPINK member.

lisa blackpink crazy horse
Lisa previously had five controversial performances at Crazy Horse

Previously, on Lisa’s birthday (March 27), the nightclub also made a notable post. On its Instagram story, Crazy Horse posted a picture of Lisa with the caption: “Our crazy icon.” This move by Crazy Horse once again reignited the controversy of Lisa’s strip performances. The female idol often updates birthday wishes, gifts from sisters, partners, and brands on Instagram Story.

However, the birthday wish from Crazy Horse was completely ignored. Many people believe that after the scandal and its consequences, Lisa seems to no longer want to mention it to avoid unnecessary controversies.

crazy horse-lisablackpink
The post from Crazy Horse for Lisa, calling her “our iconic crazy guess”