Crazy… Jennie Went to Visit Osan High School


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It’s my first time seeing Jennie wearing a Korean school uniform like that


-Wow, if only she changed the vest, it would be exactly like the old Korean school uniform.

-Jennie looks like a studentㅋㅋ She’s almost 30 but looks like a high schooler. Her face without makeup really makes her seem like a student.

-But why did she go there? Is that her almamater…?

 ㄴBecause of the variety show ‘Apartment 404’ filming… it starts today.

-Wow, she’s pretty.

-Wow, Jennie in a school uniform…

-She’s perfect for that Korean-style uniform…

-Wow, Jennie seems to be really busy after changing agencies.

-Wow, she looks so innocent, she’s really fit for this.

-I’m so envious.

-She’s so cute, so young-looking, so cute, so pretty, so lovely.

-Wow, she looks so pretty in that school uniform. I’m going crazy~~