‘Crime Scene Returns’ Episode 10: The finale is here and the truly everything does get tied into it

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Hello and welcome back to the recaps for Crime Scene Returns, and we’ll be picking up where we left off on Episode 9. We get to see what is behind the false wall in the bookcase in Episode 10, and it’s something that connects every case from this season together.

Unfortunately, this will be the conclusion to the show, but at least it’s a fitting one.


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In the previous recap, I did a breakdown of the information the viewers have about the victim and the suspects, but this time I think I have to change it up a bit because so much of the investigation revolved around reveals about the victim more than anything. Also, this case kinda requires knowledge of every case prior for it to have full impact.

Victim – Kwak Gokdu

Okay, so like some speculated in the comments of the last episode’s recap, it was indeed related to the cult from the last case. In fact, the room was effectively a shrine to the last victim in Shin Gyoju. While it’s initially thought of to be some kind of tribute to him, it’s revealed that Shin Gyoju is alive because he was tipped off that the independence army was going to try to kill him at the ceremony, so he made Shin Dongsaeng (lol) take his place and he was the one who died in the last case.

In order to retain his power while hidden, he made a deal with the victim that in exchange for loyalty to do his bidding that he would get to use all of the cult’s resources. The story is that the cult’s property was bought by Fungmu (formed with President Key’s father) and donated to the government, upon which they built the dorm from the second case and the district court from the third case (also, under Son Jang’s body they found mass graves from the Sunsun cult).

Eventually though, the victim was planning on holding a press conference, having written a speech exposing that Shin Gyoju was still alive, that he was planning chemtrails to infect the world, and then have Fungmu sell the cure to take over the world. Furthermore, it’s revealed that the research into anti-aging has paid dividends and had reversed aging, while Shin Gyoju had undergone extensive plastic surgery to his body and face.

Essentially, the point of all this backstory is that whoever is de-aged and refigured Shin Gyoju is the murderer.

Madam Jang (Jang Dong Min) & Secretary Jang (Jang Jin)

They were basically ruled out in perhaps the most messed up possible way, lmao.

It makes sense, though.

Madam Jang had essentially no evidence against her and no real motive, while Secretary Jang had all the ammo he needed to get real revenge without murder.

President Key (SHINee’s Key)

This was a bit interesting, though maybe not for suspect reasons. His father coincidentally retired in 1990, the same year that the anti-aging formula was found, and it’s inferred that he is actually his father after the anti-aging. That’s presumably how he was promoted so quickly and why he was writing on newspapers angry about the company’s downfall … because it’s his. Unfortunately, that also would mean he isn’t Shin Gyoju, which seemingly rules him out as well.

Researcher Joo (Joo Hyun Young)

Okay, so her USB was found in Shin Gyoju’s room and it contained a research diary with Kim Dongryo’s work in it. That was taken by the victim after Shin Gyoju’s CCTV revealed that she stole the JV-45 cure work, and she admits she was waiting around in the lab for the victim to leave so she could go retrieve it.

The most suspicious thing is going into turbo speech mode while trying to explain it all.

Assuming she was actually Shin Gyoju, it would make sense that everybody who knows about her research successes would be dead. And meeting regularly with the victim would make sense as it could be a time to give instructions, with the USB and all that being a cover story.

Yujin Kwak (IVE’s Yujin)

A lot of circumstantial evidence that doesn’t seem significant, but would allow him to best represent Shin Gyoju. The victim wrote in his diary that god was trying to rule over Fungmu again when Yujin Kwak returned, his supposed mother doesn’t look pregnant in the picture with his supposed father, and his mother didn’t have any diary entries about her child despite transcribing so many deeply personal thoughts.

Furthermore, it’s revealed that Shin Gyoju’s plastic surgery happened in America, which is obviously where Yujin Kwak says he was exiled to at the time.



In terms of backstory and characterization, this episode was amazing in tying up all the loose ends. However, they spent a ton of time just unraveling that, and thus the actual deduction part of this case is rather simplistic in terms of clues … which ironically made it pretty difficult.

Based on the clues, it seemed certain to be either Researcher Joo or Yujin Kwak, but between those two candidates there wasn’t anything definitive. There was a lot of circumstantial evidence for their motive and means, but I was mostly left to guess.

Other that what I already mentioned, the thing about Researcher Joo is that for her to be Shin Gyoju, the backstory has a lot more ways it can go wrong due to her expertise in science. That never seems debated, and Shin Gyoju is unlikely to have that knowledge. Also, the Yujin Kwak story simply has no evidence behind it, and both the narcissistic trait and the room full of mirrors would match with Shin Gyoju’s

Perhaps more important are the meta reasons on this one between those two. It seems like Researcher Joo was clearly edited and played up to be the perpetrator, and Yujin Kwak’s lack of title is suspicious in itself since it’s unique. Furthermore, the potential social mess of making a person change sex just to hide being a cult leader, and then making her a murderer on top of that would be a bit risky, while Yujin has been accused before but has yet to be the perp. Thus, Yujin Kwak is my pick.


  • Yujin Kwak: 4 (Detective Park, Researcher Joo, Madam Jang, Secretary Jang)
  • Researcher Joo: 2 (Yujin Kwak, President Park)
  • President Key: 1 (Detective Park)
  • Secretary Jang: 0
  • Madam Jang: 0

Makes sense, and indeed the meta guessing shit actually paid off, though I think a lot of the cast simply seemed to measure the credibility of the backstories correctly more than anything.

Unsurprisingly, there was definitive evidence they missed, as if they found the family registry under the seal, they would’ve found the smoking gun to Yujin Kwak.


Other Stuff

  • Wasn’t disappointed with much this season , but it was a let down that Jang Jin was never a detective nor a criminal. I love his deductions, but I really wanted to see him play on the opposite side.
  • Speaking of, here’s Jang Jin being too engrossed in thinking about the case to realize he was being shit on.
  • One reason I was glad Researcher Joo wasn’t Shin Gyoju is that it’s extremely funny that they spent so much time trying to figure out why she went to Thailand when it was as simple as being a vacation and getting hit by a tuk tuk.
  • Putting your two idol cast members into the plastic surgery blender. Nobody is safe!
  • Jang Dong Min’s character had basically no suspicion, but at least it was well used for comedic relief.


Well … that was a hell of a run, huh? My overall thoughts on the season won’t surprise anybody who has been reading along, as I thought Crime Scene Returns rivaled their best work. Not only was it effective at appealing to previous Crime Scene fans like me, but people have also told me they’ve gotten into the show because of the intrigue of this season, so it seems almost criminal to not continue that momentum going forward. Kudos to the cast for winning me over on letting them develop chemistry among themselves to find more entertaining moments rather than having guests every case like I wanted.

Most importantly though, I’ve enjoyed conversing with all of you here in the comment section of the recaps. The show’s fun by itself, sure, but more than most shows it’s really made to be discussed and argued over by people. From exchanging deductions and theories about the case to pondering the implications of the show’s meta to just discussing the best shitposting moments from the producers, it was a blast to experience it with everybody.

Until next time … and there better be a next time.