CUBE Entertainment Sparks Outrage by Exploiting (G)I-DLE for New Boy Group Debut — ‘It’s ridiculous that…’

CUBE Entertainment faces heavy backlash from netizens as they unveil plans for a new boy group, tentatively named “nowadays.”

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The company’s bold admission of relying on (G)I-DLE’s popularity to propel the upcoming group into the market has triggered a wave of criticism.

New Boy Group Debut

Reports indicate that CUBE Entertainment is gearing up to debut a new boy group in the first quarter of 2024.

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The group, composed of both undisclosed trainees and those already known to the public, has reportedly been filming debut content in the United Kingdom since October 2023.

Controversial Statement

In a recent business report, CUBE Entertainment openly declared their strategy of leveraging (G)I-DLE’s fanbase to bolster the new boy group’s success. The company anticipates a “trickle-down effect” as (G)I-DLE’s popularity spills over to the upcoming venture.

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Netizens’ Reaction

The straightforward admission from CUBE Entertainment did not sit well with netizens, who took to various platforms to express their discontent.

Comments range from questioning the concept of a “trickle-down effect” in fandoms to outright disbelief and criticism of the company’s lack of self-awareness.

“It’s ridiculous that Cube is doing this.”
“Cube loses his mind”
“Cube, come to your senses”
“It sounded like falling water and I fell asleep.”
“Where has your conscience gone?”
“I think I’ve heard of the trickle-down effect before… It’s similar to so-and-so in Yongsan.”
“WTF are they saying? They f*cking can’t view themselves objectively.”
“The funniest thing is that CUBE is the one saying that.”

Concerns for Existing Groups

Many netizens argue that CUBE Entertainment’s focus on (G)I-DLE may come at the expense of their existing groups, particularly mentioning concerns for the rookie girl group Lightsum.

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The perception that CUBE’s strategy is jeopardizing the stability of their other artists has fueled calls for the company to prioritize its existing talents.

As CUBE Entertainment faces public scrutiny, the industry will be closely watching how the company navigates the delicate balance between promoting new ventures and maintaining the support for their current roster of artists