D-1 to New Jeans and RM’s comebacks clash… No room for compromise

by Journalist Na Hyein

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New Jeans and BTS’ RM are set to go head-to-head with simultaneous comebacks on the 24th, both have scheduled to release their songs at 1PM. New Jeans will return with a double-single “How Sweet” 10 months after the release of their second EP ‘Get Up’. The single “How Sweet” will include a title track of the same title, ‘Bubble Gum,’ and instrumental versions of both songs, totaling four tracks. Big Hit Music, also under HYBE label, is also fully supporting RM’s comeback. Given the conflict between Min Heejin and Bang Sihyuk, the competition between these two artists is expected to be fierce.

-I’m a fan of BTS, but I support New Jeans. Fighting!

-Fighting to both RM and New Jeans.

-New Jeans💙

-I hope both of them do well… Since both of them must’ve worked hard on their albums.

-HYBE is annoying for trying to create rivalry… They seem to be bothered a lot, especially since they want to step on New Jeans so badly.

-The demographics of RM and New Jeans’ listeners don’t overlap, it’s not a competition at all.

-These type of articles are really annoying. I’m looking forward to both RM and New Jeans’ songs. Fighting!

-HYBE is really pathetic.

-What’s up with these articles? I’m supporting both of them.

-Why are they creating this rivalry again?

-It’s funny how they’re releasing articles like this even though RM and New Jeans are under the same label. 

-It’s weird to create a rivalry when they’re under the same label.

-HYBE really lacks manners and consideration towards the artists. Fighting to both New Jeans and RM.

-Seriously? Just let the singers focus on their activities… I hope both RM and New Jeans do well.