‘Daily Dose of Sunshine’ Director Praises Park Bo-young for Caring More for Others Than Herself

Park Bo-young earns praise for her selflessness 

On November 1st, Netflix’s series ‘Daily Dose of Sunshine’ press conference took place in Seoul. ‘Daily Dose of Sunshine’ depicts the stories of various people with wounded hearts that kind-hearted nurse Daeun (Park Bo-young) meets in the psychiatric ward.

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park bo young

Director Lee Jae-kyu said, “Park Bo-young cares more for others than herself, and she does the same on set. Even nurses, who prioritize the comfort and well-being of patients over their own, would feel that Park Bo-young is one step above Jung Daeun when they see her.”

Co-star Yeon Woo-jin said, “Park Bo-young is Jung Daeun herself. While filming, we spent holidays like New Year’s and Christmas together, and she even became our Santa, cooked food for us during the holidays, and gave us gifts. We found healing through her.”

Through nurse Jung Daeun, Park Bo-young promises to give comfort to viewers with her portrayal. ‘Daily Dose of Sunshine’ is set to premiere on Netflix on November 3. 

Source: daum