Dara Reveals She Wants to Try Going to Nude Beach — But Here’s Her Concern

In a live radio broadcast, 2NE1 Sandara Park shocked listeners and viewers after sharing that one of the things she’s been wanting to do was to visit a nude beach.

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On October 27, 2NE1 Sandara Park along with Korean-American singer Brian Joo appeared as guests at SBS Power FM’s “Cultwo Show,” hosted by Bbaek Ga and Kim Taegyun.

During the radio broadcast, broadcaster Bbaek Ga asked if there was anything they wanted to try even though they hadn’t tried it yet, and he initially replied:

“I really want to go to nude beach.”

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(Photo : Sandara (IMBC)

Brian Joo who was born and raised in the United States shared his initial experience, saying:

“I’ve been there when I was in the United States. I went in a swimsuit. Many people may or may not wear swimsuits, but many do not. But I went there for no reason.

It’s not just about showing off physical fitness. In fact, there are many body types, may it be women, and men. I was surprised that everything was open.”

Bbaek Ga then pointed out the cultural difference saying that although he also prefers swimming without anything on, it is dangerous to do in Korea and considered a crime.

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(Photo : Dara (Instagram))

Hearing this, Sandara Park also expressed the desire to go there. However, as a K-pop idol, she confessed her worries about about being recognized. She said:

“I also want to go, but I’m worried that there will be at least one person who recognizes me because K-pop is so world-famous these days.”

Dara, who hinted at a desire to really go then jokingly asked for opinion:

“Shall I just wear glasses?”

Sandara Park

(Photo : Instagram: @daraxxi)

In response, Kim Taekyun, Bbaek Ga, and Brian encouraged her by saying that even Hollywood actors visit nude beaches, and she declared:

 “Then I’ll go, too.”

Sandara Park’s Recent Activities

Meanwhile, Sandara Park, who is turning 39 this November was one of the idols known for her youthful visuals and unchanging slim physique.

She initially rose in popularity as a 2NE1 member who debuted in 2009 and is continuously active as an idol through her solo activities.

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(Photo : Sandara Park Twitter)

In July, Dara dropped her first Korean mini-album, “SANDARA PARK.” It is comprised of five songs, and the title track, “FESTIVAL” is a sample of “Evergreen” Uhm Junghwa’s hit song.

The familiar melody, friendly 337 applause and the original artist appeared in her music video which drew attention, but she captured music fans’ hearts by reinterpreting it using her own color.

Meanwhile, the new album is Sandara Park’s first solo album in about six years since her 2NE1 activities.