Dare to Love Me Episode 13 Preview and What to Expect!

Director Jang Yang-ho
Writer Park Yu-mi
Cast Kim Myung-soo, Lee Yoo-young, Bae Jong-ok, Seonwoo Jae-deok, Park Eun-seo
Based On Treat Me Carelessly by Sun Woo
Episodes 16
Genre Romantic Comedy
Native Title 함부로 대해줘

Popular entertainer Kim Myung-soo, professionally known as L, was last seen in 2023’s Numbers with Choi Jin-hyuk and in 2020’s Royal Secret Agent, with Kwon Na-ra and Lee Yi-kyung. Meanwhile, we last saw Lee Yoo-young in 2022’s Insider with Kang Ha-neul and Heo Sung-tae.

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Dare to Love Me Episode 13 Preview

Dare to Love Me Episode 13 Preview Still 2
A still from the series “Dare to Love Me”

Yi-bok will arrest Jun-ho since he has no other option but to submit. During the interrogation, Yoon-bok will ask whether Jun-ho was involved in the fire/murder that ended his father’s life and he’ll be clueless. That is when even he will realise that he was used by someone who wanted their revenge. Yoon-bok and Yi-bok will learn that there is someone much bigger than Jun-ho who was steering him and it is that person who probably killed their father.

The search for the main phony will begin. Simultaneously, Lee Dae-gam will step down from the head position after Camille reveals his hideous plans to the general people. Lord Shin will take charge once again and the fashion preparations will grandly begin. Yoon-bok will be requested by Camille to be the event’s model. Hong-do will find her father Chil-bok in the village and get startled.

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Jun-ho’s ally warns him about Yoon-bok chasing him, but it turns out Yoon-bok used the ally to confirm Jun-ho’s guilt. Yoon-bok arrests and interrogates the ally for more information about Jun-ho.

Jun-ho notices Hong-do discovering his hidden room and offers to drive her home. During the ride, Yoon-bok calls Hong-do, prompting her to get out. Yoon-ah then takes Hong-do home while Yoon-bok pursues Jun-ho, who manages to escape. Hong-do feels terrible after learning the truth about Jun-ho. Yoon-bok stays with Hong-do overnight for her protection, and the next morning, Hong-hak discovers they are dating.

Yoon-bok saves Chil-bok from his grandfather, revealing he is protecting him since Chil-bok saw the real criminal. Hong-do visits Yoon-bok’s village to discuss the fashion show, where Yoon-bok’s grandfather subtly suggests she break up with him due to his duties. However, Hong-do insists Yoon-bok should follow his happiness, leading Lord Shin to realize his mistakes.

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Dare to Love Me Episode 13 Preview Still 3Dare to Love Me Episode 13 Preview Still 3
A still from the series “Dare to Love Me”

Lord Shin cancels a marriage, angering Lee Dae-gam, who conspires with Jun-ho to become the village’s new leader. Jun-ho provides photos of Camille and Lord Shin, allowing Dae-gam to pressure Lord Shin into stepping down. Lord Shin falls ill, and Camille visits the village upon learning about the canceled fashion show. After a private conversation with Lord Shin, Camille and Lord Shin’s plan to undermine Dae-gam and Jun-ho is revealed.

Despite a well-planned attempt, Yoon-bok fails to capture Jun-ho and is comforted by Hong-do. The next morning, Lord Shin resigns as village leader, and Dae-gam takes over. Camille strikes a deal with Dae-gam to continue the fashion show. Lord Shin returns to a normal life. Dae-gam’s loose talk reveals Jun-ho’s involvement, exposing Camille and Lord Shin’s scheme.

At his villa, Jun-ho receives a call about the woorim, a key to the village treasure. Using Camille’s deal allowing cars inside, Jun-ho sneaks in and accesses the treasure, only to be caught red-handed by Yoon-bok.

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