Dare to Love Me Episode 2 Preview and What to Expect!

Director Jang Yang-ho
Writer Park Yu-mi
Cast Kim Myung-soo, Lee Yoo-young, Bae Jong-ok, Seonwoo Jae-deok, Park Eun-seo
Based On Treat Me Carelessly by Sun Woo
Episodes 16
Genre Romantic Comedy
Native Title 함부로 대해줘

Dare to Love Me Overview

This rom-com series follows the journeys of Shin Yoon-bok and Kim Hong-do, whose lives invariably cross one another in the most inexplicable way.

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Yoon-bok is a disciplined scholar from Seongsan Village, a place that strictly abides by the conservative, Confucian values of the Joseon Dynasty and is essentially stuck in time. However, in spite of listening to his elders and respecting their beliefs, Yoon-bok has a rebellious streak and dreams of leaving all of this behind and becoming a webtoon writer. On the other hand, Hong-do is a down-on-her-luck arts teacher who dreams of becoming a designer but presently works menial jobs in a cut-throat design agency with few prospects.

When Yoon-bok, thus, decides to run away from his village and taste the first exciting moments of freedom, he bumps into Hong-do, sparking both of them to reevaluate their lives and aspirations and possibly give birth to something more.

Popular entertainer Kim Myung-soo, professionally known as L, was last seen in 2023’s Numbers with Choi Jin-hyuk and in 2020’s Royal Secret Agent, with Kwon Na-ra and Lee Yi-kyung. Meanwhile, we last saw Lee Yoo-young in 2022’s Insider with Kang Ha-neul and Heo Sung-tae.

Dare to Love Me Episode 1 Recap

Dare to Love Me Episode 2 Preview
Dare to Love Me Episode 2 Preview still

Shin Yoon-bok is the successor of the Shin family of Woorim and is responsible for bringing the treasures of South Korean history back to where they belong. While he raids an underground auction for the same, he fails to catch the thief Phony and loses the artefacts as well. This leads Yoon-bok to arrive at Seoul to capture the thief.

Elsewhere, Kim Hong-do is an aspiring designer who is treated badly at her workplace and often looked down on by others. However, her silver lining is a man at work- Lee Do-young, whom she is dating. However, she soon realises that he is two-timing her with her boss and is devastated.

Meanwhile, Yoon-bok is stunned by the modern civilization that the Seong-sun Village is away from. While he fails to navigate his way through the bling in the city, Yu-na takes things into her own hands and helps investigate Phony. The two then call it a day at Yoon-bok’s friend’s place.

The next day, Hong-do tries to reveal what Do-young did but at the end of the day, he returns her gift to him and tells her that whatever was between them was fake. This breaks Hong-do as she gets drunk and later goes to a supermarket while looking like a mess.

There, she meets Yoon-bok and recognises him as her pupil from years back. He remembers how she took care of him back then when he was being made fun of, and hands flowers to her. Hong-do is happy seeing him and heads to the seats to talk. Right then, she sees her reflection and is shocked into falling only to be caught by Yoon-bok.

Dare to Love Me Episode 2 Preview

Dare to Love Me Episode 2 PreviewDare to Love Me Episode 2 Preview
Dare to Love Me Episode 2 Preview still

Hong-do is surprised to find out that Yoon-bok is her new neighbour and begins to try and avoid her. While Yoon-bok is confused by her behaviour, he soon gets busy looking for Phony and takes up modern clothing to blend in with the crowd.

Meanwhile, Hong-do is shocked to find that Hyang-ki has copied her design which sparks problems for her at work. Later, Da-young pushes her into quitting her job, and right then Yoon-bok arrives to save the day.

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