Dare to Love Me Episode 6 Preview and What to Expect!

Director Jang Yang-ho
Writer Park Yu-mi
Cast Kim Myung-soo, Lee Yoo-young, Bae Jong-ok, Seonwoo Jae-deok, Park Eun-seo
Based On Treat Me Carelessly by Sun Woo
Episodes 16
Genre Romantic Comedy
Native Title 함부로 대해줘

Popular entertainer Kim Myung-soo, professionally known as L, was last seen in 2023’s Numbers with Choi Jin-hyuk and in 2020’s Royal Secret Agent, with Kwon Na-ra and Lee Yi-kyung. Meanwhile, we last saw Lee Yoo-young in 2022’s Insider with Kang Ha-neul and Heo Sung-tae.

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Dare to Love Me Episode 6 Preview

Dare to Love Episode 6 Preview Still 2
A still from the series “Dare to Love Me”

Yi-bok will watch Jun-ho closely henceforth as he’ll offer her a job at his restaurant. Along with the cops, she will dig deeper to learn how he became rich and who sponsored him. Hong-hak and Yoon-ah will spend a passionate night together and when they wake up, Yoon-ah will feel awkward and leave quickly. However, Hong-hak will catch feelings and will try to confront her about the night. Hong-do’s feelings for Yoon-bok will grow and she’ll try to win him.

Yoon-bok will be focussed on finding the thief and the truth behind his father’s death since he believes he didn’t die by fire. Unaware of Hong-do’s feelings for him, he will be kind and caring towards her only to make her fall more. Hong-do will write a letter for Yoon-bok but it will be swapped with Hong-hak’s letter where he’d have written “I Love You”. Hong-do will panic knowing that Yoon-bok will read it and misunderstand her.

Dare to Love Me Episode 5 Recap

Hong-do returns to her apartment, puzzled by the identity of the mysterious woman. Meanwhile, at Yoon-bok’s place, it’s revealed that the woman is Yi-bok, his estranged sister who abandoned him along with their mother. After a tense confrontation, Yoon-bok demands that Yi-bok leave his place immediately.

Seeking clarity, Hong-do questions her brother Hong-hak about Yoon-bok’s ex-girlfriend, but he is unsure if Yoon-bok ever had one. At the same time, Yoon-bok and Yoon-ah meet with the police to discuss the ongoing theft investigation. That night, Hong-do and Yoon-bok meet up, and she asks him about the woman. Yoon-bok dismisses her concerns, saying the woman is not someone she needs to worry about, leaving Hong-do confused.

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Hong-do musters the courage to buy chicken for Yoon-bok as a peace offering, but when she arrives, she misinterprets the scene and believes Yoon-bok and Yi-bok are romantically involved. The next day, heartbroken, Hong-do struggles to go about her day. She encounters Yi-bok, who still doesn’t disclose her relationship with Yoon-bok. Meanwhile, Camille travels to Seongsan village to speak with Yoon-bok’s grandfather, Soo-geun. They reminisce about old times, and Camille tries to persuade Soo-geun to open the village for her show, but he refuses and kicks her out.

Dare to Love Episode 6 Preview Still 3Dare to Love Episode 6 Preview Still 3
A still from the series “Dare to Love Me”

That evening, Yoon-ah sees Hong-hak’s project getting rejected and offers to drink with him. They spend the night drinking, sharing their sorrows, and cheering each other up. In a different part of town, Jun-ho is playing indoor golf when he witnesses a waitress being harassed and steps in to help. To his surprise, the waitress is Yi-bok.

Yi-bok and Jun-ho catch up, and she asks him for a job at his restaurant. Later, at home, Jun-ho recalls a past incident when Soo-geun slapped him for befriending Yi-bok. It’s then revealed that Yi-bok is actually an undercover police officer trying to catch Jun-ho. At a convenience store, Yi-bok and Hong-do meet again, and Yi-bok finally reveals that she is Yoon-bok’s sister. Overjoyed, they spend the night drinking beer and becoming friends. Yi-bok tells Hong-do that Yoon-bok has been happiest with her, which lifts Hong-do’s spirits.

In the final scene, Yoon-bok buys ice cream for Hong-do and visits her apartment. Just as he arrives, Hong-do opens the door, accidentally hitting him, and they both fall down.

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