Dare to Love Me Episode 7 Preview and What to Expect!

Director Jang Yang-ho
Writer Park Yu-mi
Cast Kim Myung-soo, Lee Yoo-young, Bae Jong-ok, Seonwoo Jae-deok, Park Eun-seo
Based On Treat Me Carelessly by Sun Woo
Episodes 16
Genre Romantic Comedy
Native Title 함부로 대해줘

Popular entertainer Kim Myung-soo, professionally known as L, was last seen in 2023’s Numbers with Choi Jin-hyuk and in 2020’s Royal Secret Agent, with Kwon Na-ra and Lee Yi-kyung. Meanwhile, we last saw Lee Yoo-young in 2022’s Insider with Kang Ha-neul and Heo Sung-tae.

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Dare to Love Me Episode 7 Preview

Dare to Love Me Episode 7 Preview Still 2
A still from the series “Dare to Love Me”

In the upcoming episode, Yoon-bok will distance himself from Hong-do, fearing the pain of future separation. To protect himself from heartbreak when she eventually leaves for Paris, he resolves to keep his distance. Deep down, he believed she would be different from his mother and sister, who abandoned him, and that she would stay by his side. However, knowing her dream is to go to Paris, he decides to avoid putting them both in a difficult situation. Hong-do, unable to comprehend his actions, will try to confront him, but he will continually avoid her.

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Meanwhile, Yi-bok begins working at Jun-ho’s restaurant. Jun-ho, still harboring feelings for her, will go out of his way to protect her identity from those who know her true position at Seongsan Village. He feels a deep sense of sadness for her, remembering the love he once had. Despite her emotions, Yi-bok remains focused on uncovering any suspicious activities at Jun-ho’s restaurant.

Soo-geun will finally agree to Camille’s request to hold the fashion show in the village, but with one condition. At the same time, Soo-geun will face pressure to arrange a marriage between Se-ryeong and Yoon-bok. As Soo-geun prepares to discuss this with Yoon-bok, Yoon-bok will finally read the “I Love You” letter that Hong-do mistakenly delivered, adding another layer of complexity to his emotions.

Dare to Love Me Episode 6 Recap

Hong-do recollects the moment she fell on top of Yoon-bok, her heart pounding with confusion over her feelings for someone younger. At the hospital, Yi-bok visits their ailing mother, assuring her that Yoon-bok is doing well and hinting that someone likes him. In the office, Camille is frustrated by Soo-geun’s rejection but remains resolute in winning him over and taking Hong-do to Paris. She vows not to leave until the fashion show is confirmed at Seongsan Village.

Yoon-ah wakes up in bed with Hong-hak, feeling guilty for sleeping with her Young Master’s best friend. She sneaks away, blocking his number. When she meets Yoon-bok, she denies anything unusual happened, shaken to learn that Hong-hak is his friend and her teacher’s brother. At the Cultural Heritage Administration, Mr. Lee is caught in a dispute between Camille and Leader Shin Soo-geun and asks Yoon-bok for help. After work, Hong-do meets Yoon-bok, seeking his assistance in persuading his grandfather to support the fashion event, explaining that this success is crucial for her long-time dream. Yoon-bok invites her to try and win over the villagers.

Despite their efforts, the villagers remain opposed to opening up the village. To lift their spirits, Yoon-bok and Hong-do enjoy shaved ice together. Their moment is interrupted when Se-Ryeong introduces herself as Yoon-bok’s fiancée and spills dessert on Hong-do. In a chivalrous gesture, Yoon-bok covers her with his jacket. At home, Yi-bok tells Yoon-bok about their mother’s illness, but he refuses to listen. That night, Jun-ho offers Yi-bok a part-time job at his restaurant, recalling their encounter at the golf range.

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Dare to Love Me Episode 7 Preview Still 3Dare to Love Me Episode 7 Preview Still 3
A still from the series “Dare to Love Me”

On the news, there’s a story about low-quality products from Seongsan Village tarnishing its reputation for artisan goods. The Cultural Heritage Administration faces backlash as returns and refund requests flood in. Village artisans approach Leader Soo-geun with concerns about protecting their heritage. Yoon-bok and Yoon-ah investigate the news story, which appears to have come from abroad, while Camille seems pleased with the scandal.

At home, Hong-hak talks about becoming stronger after failing to connect with Yoon-ah. Hong-do reminds him that true strength is more than just physical, reflecting on Yoon-bok’s rescue. They both write letters to their crushes. Hong-do mistakenly sends her brother’s letter, which says “I love you,” to Yoon-bok and rushes to retrieve it. Just as she reaches the gate, she’s called away for a work emergency. Yoon-bok spots the letter in the mailbox but is interrupted by a call from Yoon-ah.

Franky and Hong-do rush to Camille’s press conference, where she announces that the fashion event will be held at Seongsan Village. Yoon-bok arrives just in time to hear the declaration. Camille introduces Hong-do as her inspiration and a rising star at Camille Paris. Everyone Hong-do knows sees her recognition on TV, including her former office. Afterwards, Yoon-bok asks if Hong-do’s dream is to go to Paris. When she confirms, he feels abandoned again. As she tries to explain the letter, he shuts down and suggests they end things.

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