Dare to Love Me Episode 8 Preview and What to Expect!

Director Jang Yang-ho
Writer Park Yu-mi
Cast Kim Myung-soo, Lee Yoo-young, Bae Jong-ok, Seonwoo Jae-deok, Park Eun-seo
Based On Treat Me Carelessly by Sun Woo
Episodes 16
Genre Romantic Comedy
Native Title 함부로 대해줘

Popular entertainer Kim Myung-soo, professionally known as L, was last seen in 2023’s Numbers with Choi Jin-hyuk and in 2020’s Royal Secret Agent, with Kwon Na-ra and Lee Yi-kyung. Meanwhile, we last saw Lee Yoo-young in 2022’s Insider with Kang Ha-neul and Heo Sung-tae.

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Dare to Love Me Episode 8 Preview

Dare to Love Me Episode 8 Preview Still 2
A still from the series “Dare to Love Me”

After seeing and learning about his mother’s condition, Yoon-bok even though he’ll be deeply hurt by it will make himself seem like a cold person and talk rudely to his mother. He will tell her that this time he’s going to abandon her like how she did. At the hospital, he will yell at Hong-do and tell her to not meddle with his family affairs, hurting her once again. Hong-do will feel terrible but at the same time will understand his perception. Yi-bok will assure Hong-do that she did the right thing.

The police investigation will proceed further, and Yi-bok will find some clues. However, Jun-ho’s kindness will rekindle both their past relationship. Jun-ho will have his eyes on the woman he used to love and the way her life has flipped now. Hong-do will try to sort things out with Yoon-bok but he will run away given he won’t be able to process his mother’s situation. Amidst all this, Camille will take her trip to Seongsan to cover the hearts of the villagers thinking it is a piece of cake only to realise she’s wrong. Yoon-bok’s marriage with Se-ryeong will also kickstart, making it hard for him to process as he has his eyes on Hong-do.

Dare to Love Me Episode 7 Recap

The episode starts with flashbacks showing how Yoon-bok has searched for his mother many a time only to witness her fleeing after seeing him. Haunted by these memories, Yoon-bok becomes convinced that Hong-do will eventually leave for Paris, prompting him to distance himself to avoid future heartache.

Unaware of Yoon-bok’s inner struggle, Hong-do feels utterly sad that he’s pushing her away. Meanwhile, Yi-bok starts working as a waitress at Jun-ho’s restaurant and reports her first day’s activities to the police, as she is working undercover. Meanwhile, Lord Shin decides about the fashion event and sends Yeoju and Chil-bok to Seoul to meet Camille. Yeoju informs Camille that Lord Shin has agreed to the show on the condition that she visits Seongsan village to convince the locals.

Later, Hong-do confronts Yoon-bok, who has already read the letter. She asks if he is distancing himself because of the letter, asserting that she didn’t write it. Yoon-bok admits that his behaviour isn’t because of the letter. Hong-do expresses her hurt and demands he grant her three wishes as an apology.

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Dare to Love Me Episode 8 Preview Still 3Dare to Love Me Episode 8 Preview Still 3
A still from the series “Dare to Love Me”

For her first wish, she asks him to speak to her casually instead of addressing her as a teacher. The next day, they go to a camping spot where she has him draw a portrait of her, fulfilling her second wish. She then informs him that her third wish involves going to a specific place together.

The following day, Yoon-ah sees Yi-bok entering Yoon-bok’s place and realizes he pushed her away to keep a secret. Hong-hak sees Yoon-ah and they have a brief conversation, where she tells him to stop pursuing her because she regrets their previous encounter. Suddenly, a truck approaches Yoon-ah, and Hong-hak jumps to save her, but the truck stops far from them, causing Yoon-ah to smile at him.

For the third wish, Hong-do plans to take him for an event but then she gets a call from Yi-bok and rushes to the hospital. At the hospital, Hong-do speaks with Yoon-bok’s mother, who asks about her son and expresses how much she misses him. Hong-do then makes Yoon-bok come to the hospital as her third wish. When Yoon-bok arrives, unaware of the reason, he is surprised to see his ailing mother in a wheelchair.

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