“Dare To Love Me” Predicts Sweet Romance Shared By Kim Myung Soo and Lee Yoo Young

KBS2’s new Monday-Tuesday drama drops saccharine teasers featuring its lead stars.

Dare To Love Me is based on a webtoon about the story of an MZ scholar equipped with benevolence and foresight, and a woman who is tired of being treated rudely.

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It presents an engaging story through the romance between a 21st-century Korean Confucian man who seems to have come out of a historical drama and a very realistic K-office worker who can be excessively immersive.

All set to premiere on May 13, the series puts forward character sketches and teasers of Kim Myung Soo and Lee Yoo Young.

In the drama, Kim Myung Soo plays the role of Shin Yun-bok, a scholar of the 21st century with intellectual and moral character who is the successor to Seongsan Village, which has preserved the Joseon Dynasty era in Korea.

Shin Yun-bok has an unusual job as a cultural property restitution specialist, but he is also an unexpected MZ young man who pursues freedom, enough to run away from home to follow his dream.

Lee Yoo Young plays the role of Kim Hong-do, a contract assistant on the design team of a small and medium-sized domestic clothing brand. She is expected to play a role inducing empathy as a very realistic character who grits his teeth and smiles and endures all kinds of rude treatment from his superiors.

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Defensive Romance Coming Up!

The released couple poster shows Shin Yun-bok and Kim Hong-do boasting dazzling visual chemistry, instantly capturing attention.

A sweet romantic vibe can be felt in the poster of Yun-bok, wearing modern clothes, a hat and a robe, and Hong-do, who is holding on to his collar so desperately that his robe comes off.

In particular, Yun-bok, who elegantly combines modern and traditional beauty, shows the dignity of an aristocrat and scholar with his restrained smile. On the other hand, Hong-do radiates bright energy with her refreshing smile and charming eyes.

The gaze of Hong-do looking at Yun-bok while the latter looks somewhere else clearly reveals their respective feelings. Accordingly, viewers can look forward to how their hearts will connect.

Previously, their character posters showing the contrasting personalities of the lead pair were also revealed.

In the character poster, MZ scholar Shin Yun-bok attracts attention as he is wearing a hat and hanbok, enjoying the tea ceremony with an upright posture. He exudes a strong, unapproachable ‘iron-walled man’ force and does not even give a glance to the mini Hong-dos circling around him.

Correspondingly, colored pencils are scattered around Kim Hong-do, different from the neat and tidy Yun-bok. Her flower-shaped thread ring and frilly, colorful knit styling set off her loveliness. In particular, the heart arrow shot by mini Yun-boks pierced Hong-do’s head, raising expectations of her intentions.

Next, the title ‘Full Defense Romance’ suggests the relationship between Yun-bok, who blocks all flirting, and Hong-do, who constantly flirts without hesitation.

In this love battle where there is no winner, we are looking forward to the defensive romance between them which will bring pleasant smiles and excitement.

Dare To Love Me premieres on May 13 (Monday) at 10:10 p.m. on KBS2 TV!


Source: Sports Donga