Dawn reveals thoughts on breaking up with Hyuna, “Breakup feels like losing a part of myself”

Singer Dawn indirectly expressed his feelings about the breakup with Hyuna

Dawn guested on SBS PowerFM’s “Cultwo Show” broadcast on September 14th.

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Introducing his new EP “Narcissus” to be released on the 15th, Dawn said, “They’re all love songs. I think love has made me who I am now. The album contains the excitement when I was in love and all the emotions I felt after breaking up.”


He continued, “When I’m truly in love, I tend to reflect myself onto the other person. I would think that person as myself”, adding “So when going through a breakup, it feels more like losing a part of myself rather than being away from that person”.

Earlier in November last year, Dawn and Hyuna announced their breakup after six years of dating publicly.

dawn hyuna

Known to have never hesitated to show off their love on SNS when they were still dating, the two continue to mention each other with affection even after their breakup.

In April, Dawn appeared on a YouTube content and shared, “Breaking up with Hyuna or dating her again is no longer important to me now. I just love Hyuna. Even in the future, I will still love Hyuna even if we are on different paths with different people.” Hyuna also drew attention when she mentioned her past romance on YouTube content, saying “I have no regrets”.

Source: Daum