DAY6’s song that’s quietly climbing back up the chart

 Love me or leave me

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Among fans, it was a song with a significant meaning.

With the year-end concert and cover by Lee Know from SKZ, its ranking has significantly risen.

(After Lee Know’s cover was released, it rose by 100 ranks each day for two days)

-I listen to this song all the time.

-Seriously, it’s such a great song.

-I discovered it recently and I’ve been listening to it non-stop.

-It’s great to listen to when you’re driving.

-This song is so good, I wish more people knew about it…

-That song is really good.

-“Love me or leave me” is seriously addictive.

-Even though I’m not a DAY6 fan, I used to listen to this song frequently.

-“Love me or leave me” is my favorite song of Day6. Thanks for showing interest, I’m grateful! 

-I didn’t know it was covered.

-Wow, I listened to this song because of a cover, and it turned out well!

-I thought the cover by Lee Know was good, now I want to listen to the original too!!!

-Please, DAY6, don’t become famous… no, become famous…  DAY6 has so many good songsㅠㅠ

-This is really a classic… I discovered DAY6 through “Love me or leave me” and “Shoot Me”.

-I first heard this through a cover, but the original itself is so good.

-For those who like “Love me or leave me”, try listening to “Sweet Chaos” too…

-JYP Nation for the win!  Lee Know and DAY6 are the best!

-Let’s make it a trend.