Dean to make comeback after 4 year 6 month hiatus

Article: Dean to make comeback after 4 years 6 months of hiatus

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Source: Insight via Instagram

[+123] Maybe he’s finally coming back in fear of AI voice covers taking over

[+80] It’s only 4 years 6 months if you’re counting by his last single. If we’re going by album release, he’s been on hiatus for 7 years 8 months… 

[+29] All the little kids who were listening to his music are now in high school

[+25] Who’s Dean? The only Dean I know is DinDin??

[+2] But who is he????

[+1] So please give us that album..

[+0] Yeah, the AI voice covers of Dean have been crazy good.. ㅋㅋ it’s scary how far AI has come

[+0] Surely it’s not his AI comeback, is it? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[+0] Sad that not a lot of people recognize him anymore… he has a lot of great songs like ‘Instagram’