Debut Sensation or Media Manipulation? BABYMONSTER’s Album Sales Stir Controversy

Late on April 5, a hot topic emerged on the Korean forum theqoo, sparking a frenzy with over 200 comments.

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The focus? BABYMONSTER’s impressive debut album sales, which have landed them in 2nd place among all female idol debuts.

Sales Figures Spark Debate

BABYMONSTER’s debut album has been making waves, clocking in at 217,000 copies by the 4th day and soaring to an additional 115,000 copies by the 5th day. This places them just behind ILLIT, with only 2 days of tracking left.

(Photo : theqoo)

Mixed Reactions from Netizens

While many applaud BABYMONSTER’s skyrocketing success, others are skeptical. Netizens have taken to questioning the sudden surge in popularity:


  • “How do they sell so much? Yang Hyun-suk must be cheering”
  • “It’s just strange seeing such high numbers right from the debut album…”
  • “I have only listened to “BATTER UP” and it sounds like an outdated version of 2NE1’s music “
  • “Why are all of you so bitter??? Just accept that BABYMONSTER is gaining huge popularity “
  • “They changed their debut date despite already receiving a Rookie Award and it’s for media play like this…”
  • “Congratulations to BABYMONSTER. Angry and jealous people needs to go away”
  • “Where is it being sold? The new song was said to be quiet in Jubyeo.”
  • “Wow, it’s selling well. I like Veemon. I want to see the performance.”
  • “Let’s not get too excited at the beginning haha. People who buy and listen are either listening or not, so what’s the point haha?”
  • ” don’t know what I’m angry about, Veemon.”

Meanwhile, BABYMONSTER a new girl group that debuted with the mini-album “BABYMONS7ER,” recently shared their thoughts on comparisons to K-pop groups BLACKPINK and ILLIT.

In an interview, members expressed honor in being likened to BLACKPINK, citing them as role models and a source of inspiration. They emphasized their commitment to learning from BLACKPINK while striving to carve their own identity as BABYMONSTER.

Regarding comparisons to ILLIT, BABYMONSTER prioritized skill development over rivalry, expressing support for their peers and fostering a positive image.

One member even disclosed a friendship with ILLIT members, suggesting mutual encouragement between the groups. Fans are hopeful for future interactions between BABYMONSTER and ILLIT.