‘Destined With You’ Episode 10: Yura Tries to Ruin Jo Bo Ah & Rowoon’s Relationship

Lee Hong Jo (Jo Bo Ah) and Jang Shin Yu (Rowoon) finally expressed their genuine feelings for each other. However, challenges arrived in the middle of pursuing their love in “Destined With You” episode 10.

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‘Destined With You’ Episode 10: Jang Shin Yu Breaks Up With Yoon Na Yeon

In “Destined With You” episode 10, Jang Shin Yu remembered his past life and immediately went to Shaman Eun Wol. She said that there was another person who remembered her past life. Shin Yu told her that the past version of him still loved the same woman in the present.

Destined With You Still

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As he is convinced of his unbreakable fate, Jang Shin Yu broke up with Yoon Na Yeon (Yura). She tried to change his mind, but Shin Yu’s heart was firm.

In return, he decided to grant her last request of pretending as a couple until the construction of the city hall lobby was completed.

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They returned to city hall, and Shin Yu tried to keep his promise. However, Na Yeon’s request had a different purpose. His feelings were complicated because of Na Yeon’s plan, who wanted to make Lee Hong Jo jealous.

Na Yeon Makes Lee Hong Jo Jealous

She tried to hurt Hong Jo’s feelings by saying crappy words. Hong Jo, on the other hand, somehow wanted to believe what Na Yeon said after Shin Yu picked up her call and took Na Yeon home after she got drunk.

Destined With You Still

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Jo Bo Ah, Yura

The next day, Shin Yu saw Jae Kyung (Ha Joon) accompanying Hong Jo going to work, which made him jealous. At the city hall, he called Hong Jo to come to his office. However, he was surprised when Na Yeon arrived and found out that he had broken his promise.

Destined With You Still

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Ha Joon, Rowoon

Na Yeon headed to the Mayor’s office. She wanted to transfer Hong Jo to another branch as Na Yeon accused her of stealing her boyfriend. Kwon Jae Kyung learned about this and came to Shin Yu in anger.

Lee Hong Jo & Jang Shin Yu Express Their Love for Each Other

Jang Shin Yu was shocked by the news and went straight to visit Hong Jo, who luckily was in the hallway and stopped her from visiting the mayor’s office. He grabbed her hand and they ran out of City Hall, people who had seen them started talking about their unexpected closeness.

Destined With You Still

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The two headed to a beach. Hong Jo asked him the reason for his reckless behavior, and Shin Yu, on the other hand, confessed everything. He decided to listen to Na Yeon’s request in case Hong Jo would get caught up in bad rumors. But no matter what the other people say against them, it doesn’t matter anymore for Jang Shin Yu.

He then asked about Hong Jo’s feelings and confessed that he had liked Shin Yu for a long time. They sealed a kiss to share their love for each other.

But tension arose when Hong Jo cupped his cheek and Shin Yu began to feel the touch of the red hand from her and started to feel extreme pain again, which he had not felt for a long time.

Meanwhile, Na Jung Beom’s dangerous move continued. He got his hands on Hong Jo’s gloves and Shin Yu’s shirt. He exhibited a chilling aura, and placed the two people’s belongings together, and tied them with red thread and stained them with blood.