‘Destined With You’ Episode 12: Jo Bo Ah Remembers Tragic Past With Rowoon

While enjoying their dating era, Lee Hong Jo (Jo Bo Ah) remembered the tragic life she had in the past with Jang Shin Yu (Rowoon) in “Destined With You” episode 12.

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‘Destined With You’ Episode 12: Lee Hong Starts to See Her Past Life

Worried and anxious, Jang Shin Yu immediately looked for Lee Hong Jo who was trapped at Mount Onju after Na Jung Beom pushed her to the pit.

While on his way, he called Jung Beom to inform him about the skeleton found at the park, which made him shrug. This stopped him from burying Hong Jo.

Destined With You Still

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Luckily, Shin Yu found Hong Jo and reached his hand out. Hong Jo then had a sudden vision of a similar occurrence that happened like this, in their past life.

At home, she wondered about the dream and asked her boyfriend whether they both were having the same dream to which Shin Yu didn’t respond since he knew the truth.

Na Jung Beom Keeps Eyes on Jang Shin Yu & Lee Hong Jo

The next day, Jung Beom’s news went viral and covered Hong Jo’s dating rumors. She then visited a convenience store near Mount Onju to check on the CCTV. She learned that Jung Beom was nearby and suspected him of pushing her into the pit.

She rushed to his garden and encountered Shin Yu. He worried about her and also suspected that the gardener. As they left the place, which was closed to the public, Jung Beon was watching them via CCTV.

Later that night, when Shin Yu got on the lift to visit Hong Jo in the office, he experienced a red bloody hand and collapsed. Hong Jo found him unconscious and rushed him to the hospital. He requested her to leave since he didn’t want her to see him in that state.

Lee Hong Jo & Jang Shin Yu Level Up Their Romance

The next day, Hong Jo made a surprise visit at Shin Yu’s office and the couple shared a cute moment only to be interrupted by Park Gi Dong to inform him of his lunch meeting with the mayor.

Destined With You Still

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Jang Shin Yu met his father and the mayor. They forced him to get married to Na Yeon and he told them that he would sort things out.

He invited Na Yeon to a dinner, who excitedly believed that they would rekindle their relationship.

To her surprise, he invited Mr. Lee, the guy with whom Na Yeon cheated, to reveal how he discovered their secret affair.

Lee Hong Jo Reveals Tragic Life She Had With Jang Shin Yu in the Past

During the team dinner, Lee Hong Jo confessed everything that had happened in her life to her colleagues but didn’t believe her. Then she barged into Shin Yu’s place and startled him. He helped her get sober and both went to bed.

In the middle of the night, Hong Jo woke up and tried to caress his face and saw a vision of her past life touching Shin Yu with bloody hands.

Destined With You Still

(Photo : JTBC Official Instagram)

The next morning, Shin Yu got worried as Hong Jo had already left. He tried to contact her but got no response.

Hong Jo then called Shin Yu and asked him to meet her somewhere.

They went to a snowy place and confessed the truth about their past. It was revealed that in the past, Shin Yu stabbed Hong Jo on top of a snowy hill.

At that time, Hong Jo said that anyone who kills her will be cursed and that is why Shin Yu has consistently experienced the hallucinations of the red bloody hand.