Destined With You Episode 14 Preview: When, Where And How To Watch!

Destined With You Episode 14 Preview: The fantasy romance drama series (이 연애는 불가항력) stars Rowoon, Jo Bo-ah, Ha Jun, and Yura in lead roles. The show has been written by Noh Ji-sul and directed by Nam Ki-hoon, who previously worked on Oh My Baby (2020) and Kiss Sixth Sense (2022).

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The drama revolves around Lee Hong-jo, a civil servant, and an ace lawyer, Jang Shin-yu who end up meeting unexpectedly. After she comes in the procession of an old wooden box with a forbidden book, the connection between the two grows stronger. It is discovered that Shin-yu suffers from a mysterious illness that has run throughout his family for generations and the cure to it is in the hands of Hong-jo. The magical book which may be the cure brings the two closer and a romance brews between them.

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Jo Bo-ah returns with this drama after recently starring in Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938 as Nam Ji-ah. SF9’s Rowoon was last seen in 2022’s Tomorrow as Choi Joon-woong. Ha Jun previously starred in Missing: The Other Side Season 2 as Shin Joon while Yura’s previous role was in Forecasting Love and Weather as Chae Yoo-jin. New episodes of Destined With You arrive on JTBC on Wednesday-Thursday at 10.30 PM. Previously, the same timeslot was occupied by Miraculous Brothers.

Destined With You Episode 14 Preview

Destined With You Plot

The main plot of the series has been described by Netflix as: “A lawyer bound by a centuries-old curse becomes entangled with a civil servant who holds the key to his freedom — igniting an unexpected romance.”

Destined With You Cast

The series stars Rowoon, Jo Bo-ah, Ha Jun, Yura, Jung Hye-young, Lee Pil-mo, Hyeon Bong-sik, Lee Bong-ryun, Park Kyung-hye, Lee Tae-ri and Miram, alongside others. It is directed by Nam Ki-hoon. 

Destined With You Episode List

The fantasy romance series is expected to have the usual 16-episode run.

Where to Watch Destined With You

The series will air on Wednesday and Thursday on JTBC in Korea and will stream globally for certain regions on Netflix.

Destined With You Episode 14 Preview Still 2
A still from the series “Destined With You”

Destined With You Episode 14 Release Date and Time

The Korean TV series will air from August 23, 2023 – October 12, 2023. Episode 14 of the series will air on October 5, 2023 at 10.30 PM KST/8.30 pm IST.

Destined With You Episode 14 Predictions

Since there is only 3 more episodes left, the fourteenth episode will present a detailed story of Hong-jo and Shin-yu’s past life and a deep insight into the reason behind the curse. Shin-yu will be hospitalised in the present era and Hong-jo will be devastated. Jae-kyung will support her and ensure she’s alright.

Na will become vicious and plan something terrible to affect Hong-jo but Shin-yu will protect her. The couple will find it hard to reflect and stay beside because Hong-jo will feel that she’s the reason behind all the problems Shin-yu is facing. Nayeon will also join hands with Na and bring in some tragic events. Even Na might have a link with the main lead in their past lives as well and this might be shown.

Destined With You Episode 13 Recap

In the opening scene, the past life of Hong-jo, as an adolescent, is revealed as she speaks to an old lady who saved her from near death. We learn that the old lady, a shaman, granted Hong-jo a second life by imbuing her with a shamanic spirit. The scene then shifts to a grown-up Hong-jo, struggling to walk in a snowy field after being stabbed by Shin-yu. Hong-jo questions Shin-yu’s motives for deceiving her just for a spell book and warns him that a curse will follow him through every life.

The story cuts to the present day, where Hong-jo and Shin-yu stand in a snowy landscape discussing their past lives. Hong-jo, burdened by the curse, asks for time to contemplate their relationship and ultimately decides to break up with Shin-yu. She fears that her presence could worsen his health or even lead to his death.

In the office, Shin-yu learns that Haum has taken over the Mount Onju project, a move orchestrated by the mayor out of personal vengeance. This news deeply upsets Shin-yu. Meanwhile, Hong-jo’s colleagues encourage her to host a housewarming event and invite Jae-kyung.

That night, Shin-yu visits Hong-jo to deliver food from his mother but she refuses to accept it. Hong-jo returns the gift he gave her and insists on distancing herself from Shin-yu to protect him. Nayeon, Shin-yu’s ex, visits him and hints at the danger Hong-jo might face. Shin-yu warns Nayeon to stay away from Hong-jo.

Hong-jo reflects on the beautiful moments she shared with Shin-yu before receiving a call from him. They speak formally, but Shin-yu admits he can’t cope without her. Hong-jo, struggling to control her emotions, ends the call. Later, her female colleagues invite Jae-kyung to the housewarming party, where they try to hit on him. That night Shin-yu meets with her and only ends up getting hurt by her words.

Next day, the tension continues to build as strange events unfold, including the pot which Nayeon gave ooze with red-tinted water. Shin-yu finds a bloody dress and Hong-jo’s gloves in the pot and confronts Nayeon and learns the Mr. Na is the one who did such a terrorising thing. He tries to reach Hong-jo but she avoids his calls. Hong-jo cleans her house to clear her mind.

Jae-kyung, who is on a business trip with the mayor, spots a suspicious man on CCTV at Hong-jo’s place. He alerts Shin-yu, who rushes back to Hong-jo’s house while Jae-kyung informs the police. Mr. Na reaches Hong-jo through her window and threatens her. He then escapes when he hears sirens.

Shin-yu persuades Hong-jo to stay at his place for safety, and they leave together. Unbeknownst to Hong-jo, Na’s car is parked in Shin-yu’s lot. Determined to confront Na, Shin-yu returns to the parking lot alone. Meanwhile, Na heads to the apartment. When Hong-jo hears the doorbell, she hesitates to open the door. As Shin-yu encounters Na, the scene ends with a tense standoff. After some time, Hong-jo finally opens the door to the staircase and discovers a bloody and wounded Shin-yu, sitting against the wall.

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