‘Destined With You’ Episode 7: Jo Bo Ah & Rowoon Confused About Their Feelings for Each Other

In “Destined With You” episode 7, Lee Hong Jo (Jo Bo Ah) and Jang Shin Yu (Rowoon) are troubled after learning that the spell was not effective.

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‘Destined With You’ Episode 7: Lee Hong Jo & Jang Shin Yu Fail to Prove the Effect of the Spell

Lee Hong Jo confessed her real connection with Jang Shin Yu, who is under a love spell, to Kwon Jae Kyung (Ha Joon). The latter could not hide his absurdity when Shin Yu said that the reason for his consistent visit to Hong Jo was because of the magic.

Destined With You Still

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Kwon Jae Kyung proposed verification, and the duo decided to clear the ambiguous relationship and prove that the spell was effective.

While Hong Jo went to cast the spell, the war between Jang Shin Yu and Kwon Jae Kyung intensified.

Destined With You Still

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In the middle of their quarrel, Hong Jo called Jae Kyung and told them that she had already finished casting the spell for glowing beauty. After the ceremony, the two bachelors raced to go upstairs to check whether the spell worked.

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The two tried to guess what spell she used and teased Shin Yu if he felt something. The trio failed to see any changes, making Hong Jo fail to prove the magic. Kwon Jae Kyung who was briefly attracted to Hong Jo commented that Shin Yu might have liked her for real and not because of the spell.

Kwon Jae Kyung Expresses Real Feelings for Lee Hong Jo

Jang Shin Yu and Lee Hong Jo then felt confused if their feelings were true or not, and things started to get complicated for both.

Kwon Jae Kyung also started to be more honest with his intentions toward Hong Jo. He asked Shin Yu not to make any more excuses to visit her.

Destined With You Still

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Jae Kyung went to an animal shelter with Hong Jo and tried to express his feelings for her. However, despite being excited, the female civil servant was disturbed by his confession.

Rather than Jae Kyung’s confession, she found herself smiling while reading Jang Shin Yu’s messages.

Seeing Shin Yu and Na Yeon (Yura) also makes her uncomfortable.

Na Yeon Discovers Jang Shin Secretly Meeting Lee Hong Jo

Meanwhile, Na Yeon learned about Jang Shin Yu and Lee Hong Jo and immediately confronted him about their relationship. She then went to Hong Jo and slapped her for having an affair with her boyfriend.

Hong Jo tried to explain that they were not in a relationship which made Na Yeon delirious.

Destined With You Still

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Lee Hong Jo decided to return the wooden box and the book to Jang Shin Yu, as she wanted to end her connection with him. She confessed what Na Yeon did to her and blamed him for what was happening.

Shin Yu who was longing for her became honest about his feelings and kissed Lee Hong Jo.

On the other hand, Na Yeon was seen having an affair with Lee Hyun Soo (Kim Kwon), exposing that she was cheating on Jang Shin Yu.

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