‘Destined With You’ Episode 8: Anxiety Grows After Jo Bo Ah & Rowoon Discover the Black Magic Book

When they were about to return the wooden box, unexpected incidents happened after Lee Hong Jo (Jo Bo Ah) and Jang Shin Yu (Rowoon) found the black magic book in “Destined With You” episode 8.

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‘Destined With You’ Episode 8: Lee Hong Jo Distances Herself From Jang Shin Yu

In “Destined With You” episode 8, Jang Shin Yu is convinced of his feelings for Lee Hong Jo. As the sudden kiss was about to deepen, Hong Jo pushed him away and asked if he had broken up with Na Yeon (Yura) for him to just kiss anyone.

But he didn’t answer and left him with confusion and anger in her heart.

Destined With You Still

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Lee Hong Jo began to draw a line with Jang Shin Yu. She refused to meet in private and visited the lawyer only for things related to work. Shin Yu also responded sharply to his firmness not to contact her even on her personal phone. He was broken after Hong Jo said that the kiss was not a big deal.

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The next day, Shin Yu visited Eun Wol (Kim Hye Ok), a shaman, to return the wooden box. He confessed that there’s no such thing as fate, and the spell is not true.

Eun Wol said that the only way for them to let go of the box was to return it to its original place, everything would be sorted out or bad luck would come.

Jang Shin Yu & Lee Hong Jo Discover Black Magic Book

Jang Shin Yu and Lee Hong Jo headed to the site of Onju Shrine to bury the wooden box. However, they faced an unexpected situation after Hong Jo dropped the wooden box and found the black magic book hidden inside the lawyer of the box, and a cursed doll appeared at the site.

Destined With You Still

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The cursed doll was wearing pajamas that Hong Jo had lost. On the doll’s chest, a piece of paper with Jang Shin Yu’s name was stuck with a bamboo nail, which shocked them.

An unusual incident occurred one after another, Jang Shin Yu went out to find the culprit. From the stalker Na Yeon revealed to Lee Hong Jo’s pajamas that the curse doll was wearing, Hong Jo’s anxiety grew.

Destined With You Still

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Lee Hong Jo Goes on Fake Date With Jang Shin Yu

To catch the criminal, Jang Shin Yu and Lee Hong Jo went on a fake date. As they spend more time together, their feelings for each other also continue to grow.

Destined With You Still

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After he escorted Hong Jo home, Jang Shin Yu visited the Green Landscape Garden as he was suspicious of Na Joong Beom (Ahn Sang Woo).

Unluckily, Mr. Na appeared holding a large pair of scissors and got near him.

Shin Yu asked him straightforwardly about the missing straw hem, and Na Joong Beom expressed a terrifying aura. On top of that, the next day at the office, Lee Hong Jo was worried when she learned that Jang Shin Yu was on indefinite sick leave.

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