Destined With You Episode 8 Recap and Review: Hong-jo Gets Into Trouble With an Unknown Stalker

Destined With You Episode 8 Recap and Review: The South Korean fantasy romance drama, (이 연애는 불가항력) stars SF9’s Rowoon and Jo Bo-ah in lead roles. The supporting cast also includes Ha Jun, and Yura. The JTBC series is directed by Nam Ki-hoon and written by Noh Ji-sul.

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The series revolves around Lee Hong-jo (Jo Bo-ah), a civil servant and Jang Shin-yu (Rowoon), a lawyer who come face to face under unexpected circumstances. Hong-jo is revealed as the owner of an old wooden box that has been sealed over 300 years ago which contains a forbidden book that has a connection to Shin-yu. He is suffering from a mysterious illness and its cure lies in the book. Soon, they both realise that the key to saving Shin-yu from the curse is in the hands of Hong-jo. Amid the same, a romance blossoms between the two.

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As for the cast, Jo Bo-ah recently starred in 2023’s Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938 as Nam Ji-ah whereas Rowoon starred in 2022’s Tomorrow. Also, Ha Jun starred in Missing: The Other Side Season 2 as Shin Joon-ho and Yura previously played the role of Chae Yoo-jin in Forecasting Love and WeatherDestined With You airs on JTBC at the 10.30 PM slot on Wednesday-Thursday.

– Destined With You Episode 8 Review Contains Spoilers –

Destined With You Episode 8 Recap

Hong-jo pulls away from the kiss and argues with Shin-yu for confusing her. She tells him that what he’s doing is wrong and walks away from him, giving him the spell box. Shin-yu remembers the conversation he had with Nayeon where he didn’t give a reason regarding the photos, showing that his feelings for Hong-jo are true.

At home, Hong-jo finds it hard to sleep wondering why she closed her eyes during the kiss. She then remembers Nayeon slapping and to sort things out, she texts her to meet before going to work. The next day, Hong-jo and Nayeon meet up and the former tells about the love spell to her. When Hong-jo visits Shin-yu’s cabin for some work, she tells him that she has explained about the spell to Nayeon. The two have an egoistic conversation and Hong-jo leaves.

Later that evening, Jae-kyung picks up Hong-jo and drives her home. When he subtly makes his move, Hong-jo feels startled. Meanwhile, Shin-yu’s mother gets stood up by her husband at the meteor shower event. Thankfully Wook joins with her and they both enjoy the night. The next day, when Shin-yu returns the spell box to the Shaman, she asks Shin-yu whether he really wants to quit it. She then asks them two to bury the box in its rightful place if they prefer ending things.

Destined With You Episode 8 Review Still 2
A still from the series “Destined With You”

The Shaman informs about this to Hong-jo hence she goes with Shin-yu to the spot. Over there, both of them hear weird noises only to find a cursed doll wearing Hong-jo’s pajamas, hung from a tree with a spell paper stuck with Shin-yu’s name on it. The cops arrive and they investigate the spot. Shin-yu takes Hong-jo and buys her a stun gun and mace so that she can get rid of the stalker who has stolen her dress. When Hong-jo thanks Shin-yu for his efforts he asks her to go on a date with him.

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They both spend a wonderful day and evening together but then Hong-jo requests they do not develop feelings for each other. When Shin-yu drops Hong-jo at her house, he brushes her hair making her blush. Later, when Jae-kyung arrives, Shin-yu talks to him about something. Then Shin-yu goes to the garden owner’s place as he believes he might be the main suspect.

When Shin-yu encounters the garden owner approaching him with long scissors, the scene cuts. The following day at office Hong-jo learns the absence of Shin-yu. Meanwhile, Jae-kyung thinks about the conversation he had with Shin-yu the night before. Apparently, Shin-yu has asked Jae-kyung permission to set up a CCTV near their home since there is someone stealing Hong-jo’s pajamas and other materials.

Destined With You Episode 8 Review Still 1
A still from the series “Destined With You”

At the same time, Hong-jo visits the festival area to check the decorations. Before she could leave, the power shuts down leaving her alone in the wide dark area. When she walks quickly, she sees a strange man coming towards her.

Destined With You Episode 8 Review

They share a kiss and they both don’t want to acknowledge it—Does this make sense? Why are writers generalising all these random scenes? As grown-ups, they should talk about it and deal with it rather than pretend like they’ve overcome it. It’s clearly visible that they both have feelings for each other but something regarding the spells keeps intervening and spoils the chemistry. Since the witchcraft aspect is the main theme of this series, I don’t want to over analyse it but it just isn’t a great aspect to add in.

Destined With You Episode 8 Review Still 3
A still from the series “Destined With You”

The series is doing good, but it’s not up to the mark or so. It’s a repetitive rich guy and a normal working woman’s love story. Almost in all CEO kind of stories, the girl keeps moving away as she feels she isn’t up to the man’s living standards (can we please change these cliches for once?) and then the rich man wants to protect the vulnerable girl from dangerous men—alright. All these repeated scenes are solely watched by viewers since the actors are good-looking otherwise these storylines are meant to be and will be thrashed by the audience.

Destined With You airs on JTBC and is also streaming on Netflix. Share your thoughts about the drama in the comment section below.

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