“Destined With You” Episodes 7 and 8 Admit Real Growing Feelings

It’s not a love-potion-driven nor neural coupling phenomenon – Shin-yu realizes he caught a true-blue love bug in the 4th week of Destined With You.

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While Hong-jo processes a strange situationship with Shin-yu – someone seems monitoring them.

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Destined With You

Destined With You Episodes 7 and 8 Highlights

Left with no choice Hong-jo and Shin-yu reveal to Jae-kyung about the love spell that is causing Shin-yu’s attraction.

Of course, Jae-kyung does not believe it so he demands proof. However, Hong-jo’s fair skin spell did not help at all.

“You’re dating the mayor’s daughter while flirting with an officer at the city hall.”

Jae-kyung straightens up Shin-yu with his situation since he is in a relationship with Na-yeon. Later, he and Hong-jo go for a drink on the rooftop.

The next day, Shin-yu’s secretary finds out he is dating Na-yeon. The news spreads like fire causing heartbreak for some female staff of the city hall.

Still worried about Hong-jo, Shin-yu stays by her side when she gets drunk with coworkers. Feeling sad that he didn’t even put her name properly on his phone, she faintly whines.

Shin-yu’s father announces proceeding with the engagement with Na-yeon. However, Shin-yu confesses to Na-yeon that his heart beats for another woman.

Confronting Hong-jo who was surprised by the slap she got from Na-yeon, she later called Shin-yu about his problematic girlfriend.

He stops her from walking away and kisses her. Instinctively, she closed her eyes but she realized quickly that they were doing something wrong.

“I was swayed. I didn’t realize it. I didn’t know I wavered.”

After hearing Shin-yu’s confession, Na-yeon remains calm, she tells him to end whatever he’s feeling. After confronting Hong-jo, she meets with Lee Hyun-seo with whom she seems to be having a sexual affair.

Meanwhile, Hong-jo’s team prepares for the fireworks festival while Shin-yu checks on who sent the pictures of him and Hong-jo to Na-yeon.

Seeking help from his grandmother, Shin-yu gets alone time with Hong-jo following the order of the old woman to bury the wooden box from where it was retrieved. But they find an alarming doll wearing Hong-jo’s missing pajama and Shin-yu’s name pierced onto it.

After telling Jae-kyung to install CCTV, Shin-yu goes to the garden. The ajussi who likes Hong-jo arrives to confront why he is at his place.

The next day, Hong-jo learns that Shin-yu is on sick leave. At night, while checking the festival, the lights went off and she groped her way out feeling nervous. Just then a shadow appears heading to her.

Destined With You Episodes 7 and 8 Musings

While a bit messy with its storytelling, Destined With You keeps its hooking charm owing to the initial cryptic baits set in the story.

Expectedly, we can assume more back stories to how deep the fate that intertwines Hong-jo and Shin-yu.

This week, the story suggests someone holding a grudge against either of them or both of them. This adds to the loose ends that will eventually be tied up.

It’s noticeable how the shift from fantasy to reality love does not sit for viewers to root for the romance at this point. So, hopefully, there’s another more convincing pitch to make the love we expect to happen all the more fulfilling.

Na-yeon and Hyun-seo in a vague relationship smell trouble. There are also details on the incorporated fantasy elements that can still be expounded to explore the narrative further.

Will Hong-jo admit that Shin-yu is also growing on her in reality?

Let fated connection and romance warm your heart in Destined With You. International fans can watch the series on Netflix.

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