‘Destined With You’ Star Ha Joon Gets Candid About His Feelings for THIS Actress

Different from his current role as the handsome and reserved guy, Kwon Jae Kyung in “Destined With You,” Ha Joon surprised many with his candid confession to this actress.

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Can you guess who she is?

Ha Joon

(Photo : JTBC Official Instagram)

Ha Joon Makes Candid Confession to Uee

On September 12, Ha Joon and Uee who will lead KBS’ “Live Your Own Life” appeared as guests on KBS Cool FM’s radio show hosted by Lee Eunji. During the show, the actor showed how much he cares for Uee, with whom he plays a couple in the soon-to-release drama.

The host interrupted and mentioned that she heard Ha Joon went to the filming site even when it was not his filming schedule. The actor did not hesitate and candidly confessed:

“I went there because I missed her. I took a bus instead of driving to save money on gas.”


(Photo : KBS Entertainment)

After her honest response, Ha Joon’s remark surprised everyone including Uee. The actress humorously said:

“How are you going to fix the situation after saying something like that?”

She went on to explain that her co-star is the type of person to simply blurt things out and worry about the consequences later.

She continued:

“I know after this, Ha Joon would ask me, ‘Have I caused you trouble?’ ‘Did I say something wrong’?”

Eunji chimed in and guessed that the connection and closeness that the two possess would improve both the set and the series.

Ha Joon, Uee

(Photo : KBS Entertainment)

The “Destined With You” actor agreed with what she said and shared that he really made efforts to become close to Uee. The actress mentioned that their synergy in the drama is 99 points out of 100.

Uee and Ha Joon will have their first drama team up through “Live Your Own Life,” which will occupy the weekend primetime. The actress revealed that when she first received the script, Uee was quite overwhelmed seeing her character Lee Hyo Sim.

What We Know So Far About ‘Live Your Own Life’

The upcoming onscreen partner shared that the drama offers a variety of genres that viewers will enjoy watching.

“Live Your Own Life” presents the story of Lee Hyo Sim, who finally decides to get away from her toxic family and pursue her own happiness away from them.

Ha Joon, Uee

(Photo : KBS Entertainment)

Uee is Lee Hyo Sim, a filial daughter, who dedicates herself to her family. With her natural athletic skills, she landed a job as a personal trainer. She works at a fitness center in Gangnam.

Opposite her is Ha Joon, who takes the role of Kang Tae Ho, a director of the planning division of a conglomerate. He will be entangled with Lee Hyo Sim after an unexpected event.

Furthermore, the new K-drama is ready to meet the viewers beginning September 16 on KBS.

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