Dex and Sandara Park Face Mixed Reactions for Changing Their Beliefs About Singlehood

Netizens’ reactions to celebrities who were previously known for their “singlehood movement” but now claim not to be single are divided

Recently, variety star and YouTuber Dex recently said on a variety show that he used to be an advocate of singlehood but changed his mind in his late 20s. He mentioned, “If I meet someone really great, I want to get married.” Dex also expressed his ideal type as someone who is wise, hardworking, and has a sense of humor.

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sandara park

Following Dex, Sandara Park is another star who declared herself as a proponent of singlehood but later retracted her statement. Sandara Park appeared on a YouTube show in May and mentioned that she is single. When asked about the reason for not being in a romantic relationship, Sandara Park explained, “I’ve seen too many people around me fail in marriage. Since they all come back, I thought I might as well get married too.”

Previously, Sandara Park had declared herself as a proponent of singlehood on various shows, so many people considered her as a singlehood advocate. However, she later announced on MBC’s ‘Radio Star’ that she would retract her declaration of staying single.


Sandara Park showed an active attitude towards marriage, “I might get married next year or I might just grab anyone and get married.” When Park So Hyun, who thought of Sandara Park as someone who supports singlehood, mentioned that she declared singlehood early on, Sandara Park changed her statement, “I will cancel my declaration of singlehood.”

Sandara Park also recently confessed, “I am a proponent of singlehood, but if I had a husband like actor Shim Ji Ho, I would consider getting married.”

Some Korean netizens are criticizing these celebrities’ retraction of the declaration of singlehood, “That’s not singlehood, it’s just being unmarried,” and “It seems like they easily attach the title of singlehood.” Some netizens even went beyond criticism and left malicious comments.

sandara park

However, on the other hand, some netizens showed support for their change, “There is no need to stick to an opinion just because it was declared once,” and “Isn’t it natural for values to change?” Celebrities naturally become a topic of conversation when they mention something on a show, and it remains in the memories of many people.

Because their remarks have an impact, there is a need to be cautious about their words and actions. However, that doesn’t mean they should be criticized for changing their beliefs.

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