Dex meets his ideal type TWICE Sana, “I’m sorry”

Broadcaster Dex (real name Kim Jin Young) couldn’t hide his nervousness in front of TWICE Sana

On September 14th, a video titled, “[Pre-release] Dex collapsed after meeting Sana”, was uploaded on the Youtube channel “117”.

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Dex will return with the YouTube content “Dex’s Fridge Interview Season 2”, which airs the first episode at 10 p.m. on the 21st. His first guest will be Sana from the girl group TWICE. The reason for their meeting is that Sana has been Dex’s ideal type for a long time.


In the pre-release video, Dex was seen with nervous eyes even before Sana appeared. In the end, he got embarrassed in front of Sana and said, “I cannot look at her”.

Later, he asked Sana the first question, “Why did you choose to appear on Dex’s Fridge Interview?”. In response, Sana shocked Dex as she said, “But among the interviews I saw, none is as intense as this one”.

Dex then apologized, “Okay, I’m sorry”. He smiled awkwardly and said, “I guess I’m a bit nervous today. I tried to hide my nervousness but I guess it showed. Ah, I think I’m in trouble”.

Source: Nate