Did Apink Bomi Accidentally Spoil STAYC’s ‘STEREOTYPE’ Before Release? Video Resurfaces

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Following news that Apink’s Bomi has been in a relationship with Black Eyed Pilseung Rado for eight years, footage of the idol supposedly leaking STAYC’s “STEREOTYPE” before its release has been shared online.

Black Eyed Pilseung are the main producers of STAYC and have been in charge of their discography since their debut in 2020. They have also worked with several K-pop groups, including Apink. With news that Rado and Bomi are dating, people are wondering if that’s how Bomi was able to spoil STAYC’s song before its release.

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Did Apink Bomi Spoil STAYC’s ‘STEREOTYPE’ Before Release?

A clip of Apink member Bomi singing “STEREOTYPE” by STAYC before it was released is circulating online.

In the video, Bomi is seen hosting a live stream with Hayoung. As they read the comments, Bomi suddenly starts singing “Oh baby, baby, baby,” which is the final line of the chorus of STAYC’s “STEREOTYPE.”

The issue? Bomi sang the line seven months before STAYC made their comeback.

At the time, fans of Apink believed Bomi had spoiled the girl group’s new song. They were left shocked when, instead of Apink, STAYC released the song on September 6, 2021. Following the release, fans theorized that Bomi could have sung the guide or the demo, and STAYC ultimately released the song.

However, following reports that Bomi and Rado have been dating for eight years, people believe that she could have had the chance to listen to the song since her boyfriend helped produce the track. If she had been given the chance to listen to the song before its release, it could have gotten stuck in her head, leading her to sing it accidentally.

Soma Pandas (Apink fans), however, believe that the song was originally meant to go to Apink. They claimed that it was meant to be an Apink comeback and that the girls even had photo shoots to prepare for the release, but it was ultimately scrapped and given to STAYC instead.

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Apink Bomi and Black Eyed Pilseung Rado Confirmed to Be Dating

On April 23, 2024, Dispatch released an exclusive report stating Bomi and Rado have been dating for eight years, starting in April 2017.

The two first became close in 2016 after Apink and Black Eyed Pilseung worked together on a song. For their third studio album, “Pink Revolution,” Black Eyed Pilseung wrote, composed, and arranged the b-sidetrack “So That I Can Be Excited” for Apink. The collaboration served as a bridge between the two.

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Soon after the report was made, Bomi’s agency, Choi Creative Lab, and Rado’s agency, Highup Entertainment, confirmed that the two were dating. Bomi also penned a handwritten letter to fans confirming the news.