Did BLACKPINK Rosé Cut Ties With Adidas? Idol Spotted Supposedly Shooting For THIS Athletic Brand

BLACKPINK Rosé is suspected to have cut ties with Adidas after she was seen in a supposed photoshoot for another athletic brand.

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Did BLACKPINK Rosé Cut Ties With Adidas? Idol Spotted Supposedly Shooting For THIS Athletic Brand

The online community has been buzzing after BLINKs shared photos of Rosé in a rumored photoshoot with Puma.

In these images, the BLACKPINK singer sports a chic outfit, dressed in a black oversized jacket with a Puma sports top, partnered with a denim skirt and black belt.

However, the standout item is the eye-catching red Puma Speedcat shoes. The shoes previously went viral on social media after price-conscious fashionistas raced to cop the shoe.

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The Puma Speedcat, priced at $100, is currently out of stock in several countries. Following Rosé’s rumored endorsement, the resale price of these shoes has surged to 2-3 times their original price and is expected to continue rising once the campaign officially launches.

At an event in the US this past April, Rosé was also seen wearing Puma sneakers. This shocked many, as the idol is usually seen in Adidas, a brand BLACKPINK has been partnered with for years.

Fans speculate that Rosé might have been hinting at an upcoming collaboration with Puma, signaling the end of her contract with Adidas.

Since January, Puma has been promoting the “Forever Speedcat” pop-up store, focusing on this iconic sneaker initially designed for F1 drivers in the 90s. The shoe has recently regained popularity amidst the low-top shoe trend.

American actress and model Emily Ratajkowski has also been spotted several times in Puma Speedcats, sporting various colorways and drawing attention from global fashion enthusiasts.

The red colorway, as chosen by Rosé, is particularly popular among Korean women. This is unique, as most Korean women have leaned towards neutral tones.

The Puma Speedcat’s sleek and elegant design adapts well to various styles, from feminine to sporty, and pairs well with different outfits.

In Korea, women often style these low-profile sneakers with matching high-neck socks, creating a distinctive overall look.

Meanwhile, many appreciate the classic, masculine aesthetic of the Speedcat, a line historically associated with F1 racing.

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Since the photos of the female idol have been leaked, fashion enthusiasts are eagerly sharing outfit ideas featuring the soon-to-be-trending shoe, inspired by the BLACKPINK main vocalist.

Some comments read:

  • “Those shoes are gorgeous. I give it 99 points. Almost perfect, except it’s no longer cheap…”
  •  “Where did you guys buy them? I can’t find them anywhere.”
  •  “This model has become really popular in Korea recently, definitely worth the money.”
  •  “It used to be all about Adidas, but now Rosé seems to be giving Puma a try.”

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Writen by Alexa Lopez