Did Kim Sae Ron Intentionally Leak Sweet Photo With Kim Soo Hyun? Here’s What We Know

Kim Sae Ron is receiving backlash for her social media update involving Kim Soo Hyun. Following her upload, people began claiming that the actress intentionally leaked the photo to target the “Queen of Tears” star.

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Kim Sae Ron, Kim Soo Hyun
Kim Sae Ron, Kim Soo Hyun

Kim Sae Ron Criticized For ‘Dragging’ Kim Soo Hyun’s Image Amid Actor’s Popularity

Kim Soo Hyun is embroiled in a dating rumor after his former labelmate Kim Sae Ron shared a photo of them together.

After the image circulated online, Kim Sae Ron’s candid post immediately sparked discussions, and she even received a negative response from the public.

Kim Sae Ron
(Photo : Kim Sae Ron Instagram)

In 2022, actress was involved in a DUI controversy. The 23-year-old star made headlines after she was reported of drunk-driving that resulted in damage to public properties.

Since then, her career plummeted and she lost major projects. For two years, Kim Sae Ron has been on an entertainment hiatus and working on various jobs to earn a living.

Meanwhile, on March 24, she made a buzz and surprised many with a sweet photo with Kim Soo Hyun, who currently headlines “Queen of Tears.”

Kim Soo Hyun
(Photo : tvN Official Instagram) Kim Soo Hyun

In an forum, netizens expressed their honest sentiments and disappointment to Kim Sae Ron for “dragging” Kim Soo Hyun with her new post. Some also claimed that the actress intentionally leaked the photo.

Goldmedalist’s statement added fuel to the fire as the agency stated that they were unable to understand the actress’ motive for uploading the picture. They also denied the dating rumors between the two.

How K-Drama Fans Reacted To Kim Sae Ron – Kim Soo Hyun Photo + Did the Actress Intentionally Leak It?

Here are some of the comments from fans on the web forum.

  • “It seems like Kim Sae Ron uploaded the snap and pretended like it was done by mistake.”
  • “She needs to recover her image, this is 100% planned. She’s trying to create some buzz around her.”
  • “Isn’t Kim Soo Hyun the victim here? This photo got uploaded without his consent.”
  • “What is Kim Soo Hyun going to do? His chemistry with his co-lead is exploding right now, but then he could act so distant towards her and it made me wonder why he would do that.”
  • “Is Kim Sae Ron 25? (Korean age) if she posted this before, it would have made even a bigger issue.”

What can you say about Kim Sae Ron’s Instagram update with Kim Soo Hyun? Share your thoughts/replies in the comments!