Did Ryu Da In Regret Revealing Romance With Lee Chae Min? Here’s What ‘Pyramid Game’ Star Said

In an interview with Sports Chosun, Ryu Da In finally talked about her romantic tryst with fellow actor Lee Chae Min.

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The two confirmed their relationship earlier this month, following Ryu Da In’s breakthrough performance in the hit drama “Pyramid Game.”

Ryu Da In also spoke about her recently concluded series, and how it became the “turning point” in her career as an actress. 

Ryu Da In Dishes On Relationship With Lee Chae Min

On March 29, Ryu Da In sat down in an interview and talked about her new-found romance with Lee Chae Min.

The two actors, both born in 2000, took the Internet by storm and confirmed their relationship last March 24. Ryu Da In thanked everyone who supported their romance from the beginning.

Ryu Da In
(Photo : Ryu Da In Official Instagram)

Ryu Da In and Lee Chae Min met on the set of the romantic comedy series “Crash Course In Romance” which aired in 2023, and developed mutual feelings for one another.

In the interview, the actress revealed that she felt extremely happy now that their relationship has been publicized. Ryu Da In didn’t feel the pressure to admit anything as a rookie actress.

She reasoned that her job as an actress mustn’t overlap with her personal life. She said, “As long as I do well with my projects then there’s not going to be any problems.”

Ryu Da In, Lee Chae Min
(Photo : Lee Chae Min Instagram)
Ryu Da In, Lee Chae Min
(Photo : Ryu Da In Instagram)

“I’m not a secretive person but I tried to hide our relationship,” Ryu Da In added. “I didn’t expect that a lot of people would be interested in my dating life.”

In addition, the actress shared that her boyfriend has been very supportive of her, especially when her performance in “Pyramid Game” received rave reviews from the public.

Ryu Da In Names ‘Pyramid Game’ As ‘Turning Point’ In Acting Career

Despite being a rookie, Ryu Da In has already cemented her name as a rising star that fans should look out for in the entertainment scene.

Ryu Da In
(Photo : Ryu Da In Official Instagram)

Following her performance in “Pyramid Game,” where she transformed into a school violence target, many have tuned in to the actress and gained a huge following.

The actress revealed being a fan of the original work which made her more anxious. To synchronize with her role, she even lost weight and changed her hair color to perfect the role.

'Pyramid Game' Stills
Ryu Da In
(Photo : TVING Official)

“I was also extremely shy like Myung Ja Eun,” Ryu Da In shared. “Even during the audition, I was very nervous. Maybe that’s why I bagged the role with ease.”

According to her, “Pyramid Game” changed the course of her career, and she will be forever thankful to everyone who believed in her as Myung Ja Eun. Watch all 10 episodes of “Pyramid Game” on TVING and Paramount+ now.