Did SEVENTEEN Jeonghan x Wonwoo Plagiarize aespa ‘Drama’ Teasers? K-Netz React

Following accusations that SEVENTEEN Jeonghan x Wonwoo copied aespa’s “Drama” teasers, netizens are coming into the defense of the boy group.

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On May 19, 2024, SEVENTEEN released the teaser for Jeonghan X Wonwoo’s first single album as a sub-unit, “THIS MAN.” The moving teaser showed a building with an electronic billboard malfunctioning, before promoting the duo’s upcoming release. It then pans over to a stray flyer, which is also promoting their debut.

While CARATs loved the air of mystery the teaser had, MYs (aespa’s fandom) were quick to accuse the boy group’s agency, Pledis Entertainment, of plagiarism. They claimed the visual teaser bears uncanny similarities to aespa’s teaser for “Drama.”

For reference, aespa’s teaser also made use of buildings and an electric billboard. While other billboards showed imagery that references aespa’s concept, the billboard in the middle features Karina’s face with the words “I’m the Drama.”

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With aespa’s teasers coming out in November 2023, many were quick to claim SEVENTEEN had copied aespa’s teaser.

However, after doing some digging, netizens quickly came to the defense of Jeonghan and Wonwoo.

It was noted that the person who produced aespa’s teaser, Soohwan Oh, had shared SEVENTEEN’s teaser to his Instagram Stories. Therefore, it is highly likely that he made SEVENTEEN’s teaser as well.

Did SEVENTEEN Jeonghan x Wonwoo Plagiarize aespa ‘Drama’ Teasers? K-Netz React
Did SEVENTEEN Jeonghan x Wonwoo Plagiarize aespa ‘Drama’ Teasers? K-Netz React
(Photo : Soohwan Oh Instagram)

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On his website, it was noted that he has worked on several projects with a similar aesthetic. This is normal for designers to do, as it showcases their identity and specialty to clients who wish to hire them. Since this is the kind of work he is known for, it is highly likely that Pledis Entertainment hired him without aespa’s teasers in mind.

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CARATs stated that aespa does not own the billboard and building concept. In fact, Soohwan Oh used the concept for brands like Samsung, Gentle Monster, and more.

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With that, it is safe to say that SEVENTEEN did not copy aespa.

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