Did WayV Perform With Condoms During 2024 Waterbomb? Here’s What Happened

Following their performance at the 2024 Waterbomb in Seoul, netizens are wondering if WayV used condoms during their set.

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Recently, SM Entertainment’s Chinese boy group WayV delivered an unforgettable performance at the 2024 Waterbomb music festival. As part of South Korea’s hottest summer event, WayV captivated the audience with their powerful live vocals, energetic dance moves, and stunning visuals.

Did WayV Perform With Condoms During 2024 Waterbomb? Here's What Happened
Did WayV Perform With Condoms During 2024 Waterbomb? Here’s What Happened
(Photo : WayV on X)

While WayV’s performance was undeniably impressive, fans’ attention was captured by another intriguing detail. On social media platforms such as X (formerly Twitter), images of the boys waterproofing their microphones at Waterbomb went viral. It was soon noted by netizens that the covers used on WayV’s microphones were actually condoms. This topic quickly spread across online community forums.

Since Waterbomb is a water music festival, it appears the staff members of SM Entertainment chose to protect the equipment by wrapping the microphones with condoms. This revelation amused fans and caused some to blush.

However, this practice is not uncommon in the music industry. In fact, many artists use this method. In addition to preparing waterproof gear, crews often take extra precautions. Using condoms is one of the simplest ways to safeguard electronic devices when they are exposed to constant splashing during a performance. This also ensures the safety of the artists, as it prevents any direct contact with the device in case of an electrical leak.

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On social media platforms, WayV received numerous compliments for their stage presence. The boys performed confidently and interacted actively with the audience. The topic of WayV’s waterproof condoms gained significant attention, introducing the group to many new fans. SM Entertainment’s staff member was also praised for their thorough preparation, ensuring the artists could perform comfortably in a challenging stage environment.

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