Did You Know? Chun Woo Hee’s Role in Netflix’s ‘The 8 Show’ Was First Offered To IU

After the release of Netflix’s “The 8 Show,” media reports revealed that IU was supposed to be part of the original cast. However, she had to decline the offer for THIS reason.

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IU Initially Part of Netflix’s ‘The 8 Show’ Cast 

IU is garnering attention after it was reported that two of Netflix’s hit series were supposed to be headlined by the singer-actress. 

(Photo : EDAM Entertainment Instagram)

According to a source, with the recent global recognition that “Queen of Tears” and “The 8 Show” continue to receive even after its broadcast, IU’s name is also being mentioned as it was reported that she was supposed to lead both works. 

Netflix’s “The 8 Show,” which was released on May 17, follows the story of 8 people who are trapped in a secret space divided into eight floors and participate in a sweet but dangerous show where they earn as much money as possible before the game ends, which only happens when someone dies.

The work was based on the webtoon novel “Money Game” also known as the “Pie Game.” It has been said that the original casting lineup, which was released in January 2022, included actors Ryu Jun Yeol, IU, and Park Jung Min. In addition, Park Hae Joon and Bae Seong Woo have already been revealed for their respective roles.

Chun Woo Hee Replaces IU in ‘The 8 Show’ 

However, in May of that year, the media delivered sad news that IU would not participate in the project anymore. The company handling the production, Studio N, announced IU’s departure and introduced Chun Woo Hee as the new cast to join the work. 

The 8 Show
(Photo : Netflix)

It was revealed that IU had to leave the position because the production schedule and her personal schedule did not match. The “Scarlet Heart Ryeo” actress was busy preparing for the concert, and it was not easy to coordinate the schedule. 

In “The 8 Show,” Chun Woo Hee made an impressive acting transformation by portraying a fresh and interesting character of 8th floor. Viewers who watched the series after being aware of the prior information about IU playing Chun Woo Hee’s role expressed their sentiments.

In addition to the response that it is a role that IU would have been good at, there were also people who acknowledged Chun Woo Hee’s good character digestion that captured the viewers’ attention.

IU To Finally Make Her Drama Comeback After Declining Two Netflix Projects

IU, Park Bo Gum
(Photo : Netflix Korea Instagram)

Apart from “The 8 Show,” IU was also supposed to lead the record-breaking drama “Queen of Tears.” However, due to her busy schedule as a singer, she humbly declined the offer. Many fans still showed their support for her and Kim Ji Won, who made an excellent portrayal of Hong Hae In. 

Despite declining two big projects, IU will finally make her small screen return through the Netflix drama “When Life Gives You Tangerines,” which is also known as “You Have Done Well.” 

The production has already begun, and her fans are patiently waiting for her acting comeback. She is expected to share the frame and create chemistry with brilliant actor Park Bo Gum. 

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